Natalya Galarza
Natalya Galarza

PTF Opens New Area; Seussical Students Shine!

By Gloria Burns….

Natalya Galarza

Miami Christian School is fortunate to have a very generous group of concerned parents who donate their time to school activities and fundraising.

In fact, the MCS Parent Teacher Fellowship provided a remodeled indoor eating area for the elementary students through fundraising events and continues to look for projects to improve and enhance the school.

In April, MCS opened the new eating area with a representative from each class cutting a section of a ceremonial ribbon. With that project completed, the PTF plans to tackle yet another renovation for the pre-kinder and elementary school playgrounds. A barbeque kicked off that effort, certainly the first of many activities to come for the organization.

In other student news, K u n a l Khiyani, was selected as one of only three high school students to work at the University of M i a m i ’ s Miller School of Medicine Summer for Sickle Cell S c i e n c e P r o g r a m . Kunal, a junior, will be assigned a faculty mentor, working in research and earn a stipend for the eight-week program. Participating students in one or more summer sessions are encouraged to make presentations at local or national scientific meetings and may successfully contribute to papers published in peer review journals. Kunal has also been accepted to a National Institute of Health Eye Institute summer internship and the University of Florida’s summer science training program.

MCS students Natalya Galarza and Bernardo Hevia Lima Meireles received Special Congressional Recognition certificates for participating in “An Artistic Discovery,” the Congressional art competition for high school students. Instructor Charlene Coulter also received a certificate of recognition for her outstanding and i n v a l u a b l e service to the community.

Drama students from elementary to high school grades participated in the production of Seussical, Jr, The Musical, directed by the very talented Diana Williams. The second musical production Williams directed this school year, it brought standing ovations while showcasing talents of MCS students both on and off stage.

In addition to nine students in the chorus, 23 elementary students and 40 drama students entertained the audience with a tale involving famed Dr. Seuss characters. Great performances all around were highlighted by Michael Santiago as Horton the Elephant; David Tamayo, Cat in the Hat; John Ramirez, Jojo; Rebecca Naranjo, Gertrude Mc Fuzz; Alex Rios, Mayzie LaBird; Melissa Gonzalez, Sour Kangaroo; Nina Beam, a ‘scene stealing’ Young Kangaroo; the monkeys, led by David Quintero; bird girls led by Victoria Gonzalez, Hanna Sielk, and Sarah Betancourt.

One character who stole the show was Michael Mata as the Elephant Bird, proving the theatrical adage: “There are no small parts; only small actors.” All MCS performers fulfilled a traditionalThespian motto: “Act well your part, there all the honor lies”

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