Save Your Business, and Save the World!

Win-win situations are too rare in business for my liking.

We like to think everyone’s happy but how often do both sides benefit from a deal, a proposal or a new direction?

That’s why so much business training is centered around making sure you’re on the winning side.

So when an opportunity comes along for a true win-win situation, it’s refreshing – and important—that you take advantage of it.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I have one in mind. So here it is:

Social media contests that benefit charities.

The win-win here is supplementing your marketing with increased visibility, attention, and influence on social media. The whole of the “cost” to you goes to a charity, not a competitor or a marketing company’s pocket.

In other words, ‘save your business, and save the world.’

Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about. A while back, Pepsi ran a social media contest for charities. Basically, charities submitted projects they would do with the money they might win. They ran grassroots or even targeted marketing campaigns to get the most votes for their project to win the contest.

Pepsi benefited because people had to “like” them on Facebook to be able to vote. So by increasing their “likes,” it increased Pepsi’s reach and influence online. In addition, they got a ton of good press for helping charities.

On the other side, each charity benefited from increased awareness due to their involvement in the contest, and, of course, the money—if they won! (A charity I support in Clearwater won $50,000 to put a new roof on a learning center where struggling students are tutored).

Another example is a contest that Chase is running today. Called “Chase Community Giving,” it’s an annual event they’ve sponsored since 2009. Structured like the Pepsi contest, it is active right now and you can go online to see it in action.

Your take away from this? There are excellent, creative ways to grow your influence and presence online, either by hosting an event like those mentioned, or by supporting a worthwhile charity competing in a contest.

In fact, that’s just what PostcardMania did with the Community Learning Center (that won the $50K in the Pepsi contest). I decided to help them promote their cause simply because I believed in it, but I realized throughout the process that it was also great marketing for us. A true win-win situation!

That’s why I encourage you to take advantage of such opportunities with your own business. And, while you’re at it, please vote for the Community Learning Center in the Chase contest and help them get $50,000!

Go to to cast your vote. Then get to work on your own social media growth strategies!

Juan Manuel Colome, CEO of Infoseek Technologies, Inc., author of “Helping YOU Make Powerful Choices,” can be reached at 786-447-7948.

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