Spinal c are as vital as dental visit

Mrs. Soto was 92 years young and the picture of health with more energy than most aged 40, still drives and walks two miles per day. Lying on the adjusting table, ready for her first spinal alignment in my office, she asked me the most profound question I’ve ever heard professionally.

“Dr. Oscar, would it be easier if you align my spine with my teeth in my mouth or should I take them out?”

I was stunned, and replied: “Mrs. Soto, please don’t remove your teeth. But, let me ask you a question. Why do many people your age have false teeth?”

She said that when growing up, most people only visited dentists when they had their teeth removed — a most unpleasant experience.

Decades would pass before people of her age visited a dentist for maintenance, obviously the healthy choice. The example applies equally to the spine.

Our spine is everything. It not only keeps us upright, separating us from all other species. Even more importantly, it protects the spinal cord responsible for every function of the human body to keep us alive and active. Without a healthy spine and spinal cord, our general health begins would quickly diminish.

We’ve all heard stories of people with spinal cord injuries that can affect all body organs (the heart cannot pump on its own; lungs unable breathe independently; legs and arms no longer mobile, and so on.)

It just makes sense to keep your spine healthy and strong.

Most of my patients have their first spinal exam in my offices at age 47–the first time they’ve ever had anyone examine the health of their spine! Imagine if at age 47, you visit a dentist for the first time! Your teeth will most certainly be long overdue for treatment.

That applies equally to the human spine. It’s no coincidence that over 85 percent of America’s population suffers from neck, back pain or other spinal conditions. In addition, problems in the upper cervical spine (where the head meets the neck) commonly lead to migraines, headaches, and constant tension on the neck and shoulders, making many feel like they’re carrying a boulder.

Everyone should have periodic spinal check-ups throughout their lifetime. Chiropractors are experts in maintaining and restoring the health of the human spine. If you have never had anyone examine your spine, it’s time to visit a chiropractor that focuses on spinal maintenance. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Dr. Oscar Molina, founder of ATLAS Chiropractic, is located at 1336 N.W. 84 Ave.,Doral, FL 33126 and may be reached at 305-890-6040 or by visiting getwellmiami.com.

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