Web credibility & why is it important!

Web credibility is designing and providing information on your website in such a way that it comes across as trustworthy and knowledgeable. A credible website can reap huge benefits through a website for your business.

Only 52.8 percent of web users believe online information to be credible (source: UCLA). That’s why you must prove there’s a real organization behind your website.

Anyone can put up a website promising to deliver the ‘best service at the lowest prices’ but Web users must believe there’s a real organization behind the promise. A few things you can do to back up your credibility:

• Links to external websites (referencing your organization)

• Staff bios and descriptions

• Ease of detail for contact

• Photos of office, staff, products, etc.

• Awards or professional recognitions

Can you think of other ways to prove your organization is real? Look at a website you visit quite often and determine the elements that build your trust.

Your website needs to provide ‘sensitive’ information, because it is akin to a one-way conversation between you and your site visitors, but you have total control over the dialogue. That’s why you must ensure that you answer any questions like:

• What is the purpose of your organization?

• How much does it cost?

• What happens if…?

All statements you make should be backed up by third-party evidence. Did you say: “We helped our clients achieve an average of 70% growth last year?”

Then you must prove it.

Every single point made on your website must, without fail, be backed up with hard evidence – preferably from a thirdparty’s website. How else can a reader know for sure that you’re telling the truth? There has to be proof that the organization is growing and has clients to achieve credibility. You can prove this by providing a client list, testimonials, case studies, latest news or a blog section.

Websites need to have an air of professionalism and confidence as your organization’s online representation. That’s why it’s essential to match its appearance and data in equal quality to the rest of your marketing materials. Creating a great first impression means crisp, professional layout with sharp graphics, free information to further prove your expertise, sending an instant and automatic confirmation to inquiries.

There are many more! Just visit any website you trust and perceive to be professional and carefully observe what they are doing. Then decide whether or not you are doing it, too!

Antoine Dupont can be reached by Email at adupont@adminesolutions.com; by blog at www.antoinedupont.com; web site: www.adminesolutions.com

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