Welcome to Our First Corner Chat!

Welcome to Our First Corner Chat!I’m truly honored to serve the business community in Doral as the Chairman of the DBC Board for 2013. I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead the Board and to make the DBC the best business development organization in Doral.

We aim to make an impact on the Doral Business community through professional and personal development programs, resources and events that will enhance the possibilities for growth and achieving your business goals.

These activities are the mechanism that will enable businesses to connect and work together while taking advantage of what Doral has to offer.

With this in mind, we have developed a theme that encompasses the vision of the DBC and serves, both as a motto and Mission Statement: “Growing Together… One Connection at a time.” DBC strongly believes that creating “Connections” plays a fundamental role in the process of establishing, developing and growing a business. In fact, “networking” provides the environment and the venue to meet, interact and develop relationships critical to the success of any business.

Another critical business success factor is “Growing Together,” or supporting each other.

The “Buy DBC First” program will enable DBC members to work with other members, to showcase their products/services, and, hopefully, engage in actual business transactions.

The renewed DBC’s website will facilitate the flow of information and promotion for the “Buy DBC First” program. The plan is to create visibility and, on a monthly basis, highlight different local business entities, as well as providing a directory for active members with opportunities to promote their companies.

To brand this effort, we have a new logo, which we plan to use, widely, across all advertising, communications and other available media, to emphasize the need to support the Doral Business community.

Additionally, we have enabled some industry related committees that will help support the organization as it grows, and address the issues and concerns of the business community, namely, Education, Small Business, Healthcare, Commercial & Industrial Real Estate, Financial, Trustee, Marketing & PR, International Affairs, Woman’s Alliance Group, and DBC Forum. These committees are open to all members so they can participate and get involved with other members within the DBC. More to come! Stay tuned.

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