What to do when diets fail…

Danielle Gribble

Diets don’t work and that is not your fault. The truth of the matter is that there is a real problem with diets and it’s not your fault when the diet fails. The core reason why we cannot lose weight, or why the weight is regained after losing it over a short period of time is physiological. Both diets and exercise will not release the problem area, fat reserves or reshape the body.

We have all experienced fear of what the scale will say when we step onto it to check our weight. There is that uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomach before the scale reveals those numbers we so dreadfully don’t want to see. Once that number appears, the feeling of failure arises because we’ve tried so hard to stick to a diet that only makes us feel hungry and tired. Although the results on the scale don’t reflect what we really want to see, we still cling onto the hopes of losing weight, only to become more frustrated with ourselves. For most of us, we’ve done repeated diets and have successfully lost 10 lb, 30 lb or more, but have regained the weight back that we lost in a short period of time. Some people may have lost weight but cannot seem to lose those remaining pounds in those problematic areas that simply won’t come off.

The answer lies within one gland in our bodies which is the hypothalamus. It is essentially the brain of the brain which controls weight, your metabolism and hunger. When the hypothalamus gland is off balance or turned off, the fat you ingest becomes stored fat in the areas of your body that you are finding hard to lose. You are unable to utilize this fat as energy because your body does not have access to stored fat. As a result, dieting only addresses the symptoms but does not address or correct the underlying problem. When you diet, you lose fluid, normal fat and muscle. With some diets, you can lose both fat and too much muscle. Dieting often starves the body. When the hypothalamus is functioning properly, the fat you eat is processed as normal fat which is “good fat” and used as energy for the body. The only way to lose abnormal fat (stored fat) is to reset your metabolism so your body will function effectively. You will then lose abnormal fat, reshape your body, are less hungry and have higher energy levels. Your body will then burn stored fat as energy and reset your body’s metabolism to a more balanced healthy system. Resetting the hypothalamus gland is the only way to have permanent weight loss.

Achieving permanent weight loss is not as impossible as you think. The only way to reset your hypothalamus is through the use of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in conjunction with a diet protocol for a period of no less than three weeks. hCG is a natural water based hormone that helps the hypothalamus gland control your metobalic rate. Once you reset your hypothalamus, you will then be able to eat moderately without feeling the need to overeat. Your hypothalamus will no longer be off balance and your body will function normally, burning normal fat as energy to where you will be able to maintain your new healthier weight.

The coaches at Your Fat Loss Coach are experts on the Dr. Simeons protocol which involves hCG. We are a wellness company that has combined our own methods and therapies to fully educate our clients on the safe, proper way to effectively lose weight and keep it off. This is NOT a diet, but a life changing experience to reshape your body and live a healthier life style.

Call us today for a free consultation at 305 989 4302 or visit us on the web at www.yourfatlosscoachmiami.com.

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  1. Danielle not only helps lose inches and weight but also helps clients improve overall health. Lots of people planning to wear bikinis for the first time in ages can attest to this.

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