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2013 Vampire Ball of Florida Oct 4th and 5th

October 4, 2013 - October 6, 2013

$20 - $50

Vampire Ball of Florida 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday,September 13th,2013

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Josepher Ringleader, (954) 822 6350

josepher.is.here@gmail.com      -OR- INFO LINE 305 942 VAMP (8267)


MAIMI, FL —Vampire Ball of Florida 2013  will take place on
Saturday, October 5th,2013  (with PreParty friday Oct 4th)
The Endless Night Vampire Ball was the first event of its kind which started in New York City.. Since then it manifested in many forms including the Endless Night Festival in New Orleans, the Vampire Balls of New York ,Florida and Paris.

The Endless Night Festival began on Halloween 1998 and now it’s entering the 15th year…..


These yearly events are premiere alternative, gothic, fetish, VAMPYRE and costume parties that are dedicated to and for those drawn to the vampire archetype either in lifestyle, spirituality or fandom. All are welcome as long as they come in proper attire and with the right mind.


We are a PRIVATE event and aim to please a very like minded crowd with performers, shows, DJs and environment which is about what we are.

We reserve the right to turn anyone away at the door for not following our door policy. This event is 18+ and requires a government issue photo ID.


~ Venue

The Vampire Ball of Florida will be held at 950 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33132

With a variety of rooms, multiple entrances, and a dramatic location behind Miami’s 50-floor wall of condo towers, this maze-like megaclub appropriately called Club MEKKA is a fortress and an escape that seems to never close. Whereas the South Beach glamour houses close around 5 a.m., Mekka still has a line outside at dawn. It keeps the beats and bass going and going and going for an after-hours dance party that continues into midday Sunday.the MegaClub has housed a multitude of operations ranging from WMC closing Parties, Upscale fashion events, underground raves and finally the home of the Florida Vampire Ball .

The evening’s focus is simply to revel in the night and is Produced by ENDLESSNIGHT/Father Sebastiaan, Josepher Ringleader, and The Abusement Park Family.

VIP PRE-PARTY in Hollywood w/ open vodka bar from 9pm-Midnight

Friday . 9pm til 4am w/ bands djs performers, vendors,  Vampyra’s  Slave Auction Fundraiser, meet and greet with all the performers and  hosts including Father Sebastiaan who will be Fangsmithing(by appointment)
1820 Young Circle, Hollywood, FL, 33020




~ Performers:

Vampyre Belly Dancers, Live Music, DJs, Contests, Fire Spinners, Cabaret Vampyra’s Slave Auction, Burlesque & Fetish shows


:: MISS FD ::




~ Hotels:





~ Dress Code

Please adhere to dress code : No Casual Street Wear / Regular Club Wear / No Cotton T-shirts


The Vampire ball of Florida is a formal Vampire’s Ball and thus to create an atmosphere which is worthy of a Endless Night event ,VBF holds the highest in standards of our costumed guests. For inspiration look online at ideas like:


Marie Antoinette, King Louis, Marquis deSade, French Revolutionary Zombies, Victorian, Steampunk, Drag, Vampyre, vampire, Hellfire Demons, Carnivale Freaks, Silent Horror Film Characters, Victorian Asylum Lunatics, Hospital Horror, Dark Fairy Tales, Pagan Horned Gods, The Great Beast, Satyrs, Anton LaVey, Sacrificial Virgins, Witches, Warlocks, Sex Magick, Satanic Sluts, Zombies, Evil Clowns, Halloween Masks, Horror Circus, SM, Body Art, Burlesque, Berlin Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, Uniform, Medical, Boudoir, Militaria etc


Vampire Ball of Florida 2013 will take place on Saturday, October 5th.
950 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33132

presale tickets available http://wickednation.net/shop


Where to shop (contact us for suggestions 954 822 6350 ):
Naughty Rooster south beach–Beatnix South Beach–Fetish Factory Ft Lauderdale


Fangs are not required, however they are definitely a plus for a Vampire Ball!

Many people ask us where to get fangs for the Ball?

Well checkout  SABRETOOTH mail order .

or (contact us for local suggestions 954 822 6350)


Reduced Early Bird VIP TIX HERE



–Free entry to Friday’s VIP PRE-PARTY in Hollywood w/ open vodka bar from 9-11pm

–VIP entry to MAIN EVENT AT MEKKA NIGHTCLUB on Saturday October 5th, 2013


— VIP prefered  stage view seating and bottle service

— VIP ACCESS wristband (access to vip areas , gift bag table and private book signing)

—–Florida Vampire ball Gift Bag which includes a host of incredible gifts from our sponsors




Vita DeVoid
Vita DeVoid has been a fireball on stage in the Southern U.S. Burlesque Revival since early 2003, performing solo and with a variety of productions based in Florida and touring all over the United States. Bringing back the iconic glamour of the 1920’s Vaudeville age, through the 1940s Burlesque Striptease Arts, Vita keeps her unique style true to form with her playful, animated stage persona, glamorous cabaret costuming, musical selections, and sense of humor. In early 2005, she founded the VaudeVillains Burlesque Company, Florida’s first full-scale variety show based on early 20th Century Vaudeville, Striptease, and comedic one-act plays. The group remains a staple in Florida’s Burlesque scene today, performing in various conventions, nightclubs, dinner theaters, charity events, and concerts. Vita strives to give her audiences a taste of extraordinary, exotic, and hilarious act.s Vita’s strongest performances vary from traditional bump-n-grind striptease acts, tribalesque bellydance, club go-go dance, Fire performance, character/actress impersonations, comedic event emceeing, human blockhead, and one-act comedy sketches.

AKA MECHANICAL SEDUCTION Has 16 years experience keeping the dancefloor packed,specializing in Industrial, Dark Electro, EBM, and Rhythmic Noise.-DJ Sinsekt has performed at all the biggest Dark events including B.E.A.S.T. ,Club 5922, Electrolust,The Kitchen Club, The Gathering, The Morgue, Fetish Factory, and the Mausoleum.

Corpus Principium
CP is an occult darkwave project from Miami, Florida. The lyrics, music and atmosphere are all an extension of a metaphysical thirst stemming from a passionate immersion of Byronic poetry, Gothic literature and Chaos Magick

Shambhala Vampyra
an Ecstatic, eclectic group of dancers who grace the vampire ball of florida every year, sharing one common dance language and stepping out of the bellybox to bring you  a myriad of visions from Folklore Fusion to Goth and from Vampiric to Faerie Bellydance

Megan Rebecca
Opera singer, musician, actor and artist. Life is a constant journey, and there is no day like the present! Never lose sight of your dreams, no matter how far they may seem! Always look forward never backwards!

HYDE aka Todd Walker

Jackal and Hyde are known the world over for their bone crushing beats and ‘in your face’ musical style. URB magazine called them “the purveyors of the hardcore-electro sound.” Jackal and Hyde’s live shows and digital mix sets are eclectic full frontal sonic assaults which appeal to a wide variety of fans from club kids, ravers and break dancers to goths, gravers and industrial heads alike. For the last decade they have co-headlined shows with a wide variety of bands from Prodigy, Combichrist and MSTRKRFT to Stanton Warriors, BT and The Crystal Method at venues all throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Rob Givens has been called a rockstar in a DJ’s body. Since 1989 he has been immersed in the music scene starting as a radio DJ hosting one of the most popular night time radio/club shows in Nashville, TN earning him the “Voice of Choice” award 3 years in a row. In 1996 he became the hottest DJ in Nashville spinning vinyl at the “Ace of Clubs” where he was known for his wild antics of setting himself on fire, swinging on zip lines over the crowd and his one of a kind turntable skills. Currently, he is working closely with the Jackal & Hyde family and touring his LIVE stage show at prominent venues all over the southeast. Rob has performed with such acts as Egyptian Lover, Debbie Deb, Kyper, Vanilla Ice, Brett Michaels, Keoki, Crystal Method, Jackal & Hyde and Trashy to name a few. Today, Rob Givens tours country bringing the “Evil” wherever he goes…

Known to many as a demon to the underground music scene, we bring you Kcis. He feeds off the dance floor, consuming the souls that foolishly fall into the heavy bass of his sets. Joining this feast of industrial drum n bass will be the one and only Atlas k. No one is more mesmerizing or seductive with the ability to manipulate fire effortlessly around her skin. Together they’ll twist tables and chains, leaving you painfully begging for more.

Missfit Toys is a combination of feelings and emotions that I’ve had over the course of my life and it’s my way of expressing all those thoughts, the anguish, the trials and tribulations that I’ve been through. It’s a way for me to combine all of it and share it with everyone else. Members: Virus – Vocals,Destin Dern – Keys, Jay Von Luxe – Keys Industrial band MissFit Toys was founded by Virus Suriv in Orlando, FL in 2008, began performing live in 2011, and released their first EP on February 11th, 2012.


DEFENZMECHANIZM Known for her extravagant headdresses and unique dance style, DefenzMechanizm draws her audience into a fantastic world of her own design.Though the themes and tones may vary, her focus on intense colors and intricate, Vibrant patterns is pervasive throughout. Constantly striving to grow and evolve, she revisits and improves older work while simultaneously branching out into new and unexplored ideas. DefenzMechanizm is a Performance Artist and Conceptual Fashion Designer. She is also an accomplished and consummate Entertainer and Performer, for both Alternative and Mainstream events. DefenzMechanizm Designs elaborate, high-end clothing and costume pieces for commercial and stage performers, as well as private collectors. She herself appears at large-scale music festivals and high-profile gallery events.

Not long after I met one of my best friends and for some time partner in crime DJ MadHatter, and we formed Rabbit vs. Mad Hatter. I received my first gig at club X-It in Hollywood, Florida at the age of 24 and distroyed the dance floor with the Mad Hatter with our unique style of high energy fast pace tracks. Rabbits career in the world of DJs has begun with and explosion. Since then I have had the pleasure of Spinning with some of the best names in dance music and at some of the best parties and festivals like Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Earth Dance in Phoenix AZ, and Many incredible events in Los Angeles, CA. This is just the beginning of my story. I play because I love the music and I love to see the smile on your face when you dance. Any one who has been on the dance floor when I spin will tell you I love what I do.


1877VAMPIRE AKA Strega Moon Productions, since being established in 1992, has enjoyed a number one status, by AOL public poll, for our Award Winning interactive horror walk-through: “The Executioner’s Haunted Castle“ and our interactive horror dinner theater show:“The Vampire’s Feast.“ Throughout our almost 2 decades of business we have designed and manufactured special effects, scenery, masks, props, and animatronics for both film and theater. Now for the first time Strega Moon Productions is slowly opening their vault and offering our products and services to all.

is a Las Vegas native, and began her entertainment dream at age 2. She took classes for ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop, as well as gymnastics. For over 14 years she has participated in competitions and performed on stage for crowds of people. She has taken her dancing dream to the next level, and is offering something that has never been done before. She is bringing an entirely new meaning to entertainment. Stay tuned, she has a lot of surprises that are currently in the works.

MISS FD Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Miss FD is a dark electronic music artist, songwriter, producer and performer. Miss FD’s music is unified by a distinctive vision, brought to life by creative, textured synth work, imaginative song structures and malevolent beats – all graced with seductive yet dangerous vocals. Miss FD’s first full-length album to emerge from her dark electronic project was Monsters in the Industry – a raw, elegant, and dangerous offering that has garnered some of FD’s strongest reviews to date. The track “Enter the Void” also led to the launch of Miss FD’s first official music video. 2011 brought the debut of Love Never Dies – the darkest turn in FD’s musical path, and a haunting lyrical exploration of pain and despair. Like its predecessor, the album received a wave of positive reviews, declaring it “wonderfully beguiling” and “sheer musical artistry.”Building on a strong fanbase both live and online, FD’s increasing impact on the world of electro-industrial/EBM has also led to collaborations with other leading artists, including Ghost & Writer, Empusa, Anguisette, and END: The DJ. FD’s work has been featured in multiple EBM and dark electronic music compilations, with her most recent collaboration song with Empusa being featured in Electronic Saviors Vol. 2, a compilation of industrial music artists which has raised over $10,000 towards cancer curing charities. On June 18th, 2013 Miss FD released her 3rd studio album to critical acclaim elegantly named named ”Comfort for the Desolate”. With a haunting yet playfully enchanting undercurrent throughout her work, FD’s infectious, dark melodies create an atmosphere of mischief and mayhem that leaves darkwave and industrial fans craving the output of her next musical incarnation.

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October 4, 2013
October 6, 2013
$20 - $50