Artist creating first painting featuring Dragon Boat Racing

David Schor is shown working on the first painting depicting the sport of Dragon Boat Racing.

Once again, internationally collected artist and Palmetto Bay resident David Schor is breaking new ground by embarking upon a mission to create the first painting of the sport of Dragon Boat Racing.

Dragon Boat Racing is a team event in which competitors use Oriental-style boats, with dragon heads mounted on the boat’s bow. It has become one of the most popular participatory sports in the USA. Many festivals of Dragon Boat Racing are conducted throughout the year in many towns and cities.

The Dragon Boat itself is the basis of the sport, one that has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of competing villagers held over the past 2,000 years throughout southern China.

The standard crew complement of a contemporary Dragon Boat is typically 22, with 20 paddlers in pairs facing toward the bow of the boat, a drummer or caller at the bow facing toward the paddlers, and a “sweep” (someone who steers) at the rear of the boat.

This very much in-demand artist, whose internationally celebrated Peace Conference of The League of Nations at Castello De Vachan attracted ambassadors from many nations to its unveiling in Italy, and was featured in La Stampa, the Italian national newspaper, after its unveiling, has admitted to being captivated by this sport.

“Dragon Boat Racing, despite being under the radar for the general public, has a vast, enthusiastic and devoted following of participants throughout the world,” Schor said.

“It is amazing to me that there is not one original piece of art that can be collected by people who devote so much to the sport. It is especially surprising when one considers that many not-for-profit organizations benefit significantly from the events,” the artist continued.

“To give an example of its popularity, in August a race will be held in Montgomery, AL, at which over 70 teams [1,700 athletes] will be manning the boats that one day.”

David Schor is the official and exclusive artist for The Sailing Channel, and stumbled upon Dragon Boat Racing after creating an original painting for the International Dragon Class (sailing) Regatta held at the Yacht Club of San Remo in March. He was in Italy with his wife, Olga, at the time, to create a painting for one of his European collectors.

Intending to discuss the event with the sailors in Miami, the artist contacted Dragon Boat racers by accident, and the rest is history.

The artist, whose paintings created at the request of organizations such as the YMCA of the USA, Rotary, Miami Children’s Hospital and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce for the past 30 years and have been published as limited editions and been very widely collected, is very excited about this new project.

“I expect to do a significant series based on Dragon Boat Racing and to publish each as signed and numbered limited editions and as open editions to be collected by dragon boaters and event organizers and sponsors,” Schor said. “This is just the first.”

The official unveiling of the painting and limited editions are scheduled to be at the Montgomery races on Aug. 25.

Schor’s complete collection of original paintings and limited editions can be seen and purchased online at <>. His nautical paintings can be seen at <>.

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