Fitness franchise raises the bar

In general, your gym probably doesn’t do anything that is all that different from every other gym or fitness center. Sure, the membership may be a different price, the hours are different, their bathrooms smell nice and their equipment is purple instead of white. But other than provide you equipment and a roof, what does your gym do to actually help you reach your personal goals? Unless you have hired a personal trainer or enrolled in one of their cookie-cutter classes, your membership alone does virtually nothing to help you.

It’s not your fault that your gym isn’t guiding you; this is pretty much the industry standard. There are certainly a growing number of these “Cross-functional” fitness centers opening up across the country, which do tell you what to do on a daily basis. However, when it comes to helping individuals reach their specific goals on a personalized level, these new fitness centers have fallen very short.

Developed by Miami locals, Lucas and Soolmaz Irwin, Steelhouse Guided Fitness Systems has found a way to effectively fill this gap in service and is rapidly gaining national attention. As a matter of fact, Steelhouse Franchising, LLC was recently listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s, 2013 Franchise Trends issue. So lets take a closer look at what is so different about Steelhouse.

“For 5 years, we have been developing and fine-tuning a system and business model that would allow us to simply provide members all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but without the unsustainable price,” said co-founder, Lucas Irwin.

“Every single member in our facility is given a training program that fits their personal goals, their current fitness level and their schedule, as well as a personalized nutrition plan from a Registered Dietitian. Additionally, our facility is always staffed with personal trainers and coaches to show you exactly what to do and how to do every time you walk in the door. You can’t find that anywhere else.”

So here is the real game changer. Steelhouse member are essentially receiving all of the services they would have if theyhired a personal trainer and a registered dietitian, but they are only paying about $125 per month. That is about the cost of 2 sessions with a South Florida personal trainer.

“People love and understand the benefits of having a personal trainer, but it is simply not a long-term option for most people. We knew in order to really change the industry, we had to find a way to provide virtually the same service, but at a price that makes it a legitimate longterm solution. That is exactly what we have done here.” said co-founder, Soolmaz Irwin.

Ok, now for the icing on this fitness cake. Steelhouse Franchising has developed an online software program and website that gives members access to their workouts, training logs and personal nutrition plan from their computers or smart phone. Additionally, anyone who does not have access to a Steelhouse location can subscribe to their Online Training and nutrition program and have their workout, instructional videos and nutrition plan delivered to their online account so they can complete the workouts at their own gym. Steelhouse currently has members all over the world paying less than $20 per month and using their Online Program.

“We knew when we dreamed this up a few years ago that it would legitimately raise the bar for the rest of the fitness industry if we could actually pull it off. Well, we did,” Irwin said.

Steelhouse Franchising, LLC is currently offering their fitness franchises in South Florida and throughout the United States.

For information on membership, the online training program or franchising, visit

at or call

305-382-3004. SteelHouse is located at

14361 SW 120th Street, Miami, FL 33186

By Lee Stephens

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  1. Steelhouse fitness center is doing great job by offering their franchise to various places around the America. I think franchising is the perfect way to make popular any business and get more traffic as well. Thanks.

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