Look whos running for Village Council – Joe Corradino

Joe Corradino.

Joe Corradino.

Joe Corradino is running for Mayor of Pinecrest. Former Pinecrest Village Councilmember and Owner of the Corradino Group.

Why are you running?:
“I’m running for Mayor because I believe I can make a difference in the community. I’ve been involved in Pinecrest since our incorporation. I am always accessible, respectful, and informed on the issues, and bring the unique ability to truly listen to what is being communicated by the neighbors on the individual issues. My overriding goals are to protect and preserve our neighborhoods while enhancing our character and quality of life.”

Motivation to Run for Office:
“I love the Pinecrest community and I very much enjoy working with our neighbors to solve the day-to-day and long-term problems that arise. I was so impressed with our incorporation efforts, led by Evelyn Greer and Gary Matzner that I wanted to get involved. If you recall back then, many people said that we would not be successful. I realized 20 years ago that we the people asked for the right to incorporate, and that it was our responsibility as citizens to volunteer our time to help manage the government. I was part of the planning team that helped the Village create its first Comprehensive Plan. I served as chairman of the Planning Board and two terms on the Village Council. My background as an Urban Planner makes me well suited for the job.”

Personal/Professional Background:
“I have been married to my wife, Mia, since 1995. We have two wonderful children—Alexis, 16 and Joe, 12. I’m a graduate of Villanova University and received my Masters Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati. I am an owner of The Corradino Group, a 150-person Planning and Engineering firm which provides services to clients in seven offices across the U.S., so I know what it takes to manage people, budgets, boards of directors and projects – all at the same time.”

Vision of the village:
“Pinecrest is the best place to live in Miami-Dade County. I want to keep it that way. In our future I see an extremely responsive, small local government, providing a high level of service at one of the lowest tax rates in the County. I see a Village Council that provides a collegial and welcoming environment where everyone, elected officials and citizens alike are free to express their opinions on the topics at hand. The Council will be focused on problem solving. The work at the meetings will be done efficiently and effectively. All of this will result in low taxes and high-quality services which will preserve our neighborhoods, maintain our character, and enhance or quality of life.”

Why Pinecrest is unique:
“Pinecrest is unique in comparison with other communities. We are an oasis in the midst of a large and ever and more rapidly sprawling county. We offer large lots, a great tree canopy, and excellent public schools – all just a few miles from everything. We are easily accessible to all roads and the county’s only rail line. These are the reasons that all of us moved here and the things that we need to protect and preserve.”

Commonalities among other communities:
“We also have a lot in common with our neighboring communities. I have been working for a decade to create that synergy. As the chairman of the Chamber South Transportation Committee, we began having meetings where elected officials and community leaders from South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, and Miami-Dade County can come together and discuss the common issues that impact our South Dade cities, centered along the US-1 corridor.”

Accessibility & Getting the Word Out:
“I am focused on being the most accessible elected official. I have always been able to meet with any person, any place, to discuss any topic. Village issues can happen at any time. As far as getting the word out, I am going on a giant job interview – personally walking to each voter’s house before the election. I’ve done this two times before so I understand the investment in time and energy. I like to introduce myself, ask if there are any issues our neighbors have, and if they have any questions. I’ve already covered about 500 houses. It’s hard work, but the citizens should expect no less.”

Little Known Fact:
“When I was young, I had a job that involved talking with residents in an assisted-living facility. I loved that job because I would leave the building with such a warm feeling that I had really helped people. Once I even got to talk with a WWI veteran. I get the same feeling serving the Village. I understand the issues and I truly enjoy helping people. I thrive on it.”

Preferred Contact Information:
Cell phone: 305-606-2364
E-mail: jmcorradino@Corradino.com
Physical address: 6485 SW 132nd Street, Pinecrest, FL 33165

By Bill Kress

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