Sign The Petition and Save Horse Country


A developer wants to change the master plan for Horse Country, and build a strip mall that is incompatible, and would allow for additional expansion of non-agricultural business use throughout Horse Country.

But we, the friends of agriculture, residents of Horse Country, and members of The Bird Kendall Homeowners Association, strongly oppose the change that is incompatible with agriculture.

Our goal is to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Horse Country. Using this petition, we wish to prevent a direct threat to our special values, unique character and natural operations. Proper action must be taken to prevent shopping malls, gas stations, grocery stores, increased traffic, and disruption of our natural agricultural lifestyle that includes horse farms, quarantine stations, fish farms, bird farms, avocado/mango groves, dog kennels, and plant nurseries.

If the Miami-Dade County Commission allows this change, Horse Country will never be the same again, denying future generations this part of Miami-Dade County’s greater heritage

As a community, we are appealing to the Miami-Dade County Commission to prevent the construction of shopping malls and other non-agricultural businesses in our cherished Horse Country. The commission can help protect Horse Country by voting NO to shopping malls on November 18th, 2015.

For more information, call Ernie Thomas at (786) 368-4217.


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