Miami, May, Art, and Artists

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Opening on May 12, Bossa Gallery will present Bossa Projects from 6 – 9 p.m., exhibiting paintings by Andrés Ferrandis, sculptures and collages by Bianca Pratorius, and photography by Maritza Caneca.

The Bossa Gallery is headed by Liliana Beltran, who moved to the Design District from Brazil where she owned the Dropz Galeria. Ms. Beltran, judging from the website, has a bit of an obsession with beauty. The May 12 show is called “Unconditionally Beautiful.” She quotes Plato, “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity.” She adds: All that is beautiful is the bright reflection of the art.

The three selected artists hail from Spain, Germany, and Brazil, and all now live in Miami. Farrandis writes, “For me the use of color is a way to challenge the fundamental concepts of ethnicity, as well as national and local identities. It is not only about the mystery of a brush-stroke. Hybridization is inclusive in relation to the inter-ethnic mixtures called ‘mestization.’ This idea helps me conceptualize combinations of the traditional and the modern, as well as the concept of combination.” Pratorius and Caneca explore form and pattern. The ultimate goal of the gallery and show: beauty.

Miami is the kind of place where some of us catch our breath, slow down, finalize summer plans, get the beach chairs ready, and chill. It’s also the kind of place where Flotopia takes place.

May is the kind of month when we catch our breath, slow down, finalize summer plans, get the beach towels ready, and chill. During May, politicians, police, and citizens try to figure out how to coexist with events like April’s horrifying Flotopia.

Art is the kind of arena where there is no time to catch one’s breath, slow down, finalize summer plans, get the beach baskets ready, and chill. Art marches twelve months a year, so in May, when other people finally catch their breath, slow down, finalize summer plans, get the beach experience ready, and think about chilling, other people still can find plenty of art to do.

Artists are the kind of people who rarely catch their breath, slow down, finalize summer plans, go to the beach, or chill. They might though take the nine miles of trash dumped on the Beach during Flotopia, channel their inner Vik Muniz in Wasteland, and create May Madness from the remains.

Bossa Gallery, though is the kind of space which seeks to find emerging talent, reveal it, showcase it, and help it expand to markets elsewhere, so that when people visit Miami to catch their breath, slow down, during summer, visit the beach, and chill in cafes, they can take some time to check out local creators.

Bossa Projects is the kind of endeavor supported by the Bossa Gallery that seeks to promote this talent, reveal skills, and showcase it for all to enjoy. So soon, I will take them up on their offer.

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