Robo-calls make me want to rip my phone right off the wall

Robo-calls make me want to rip my phone right off the wall

“Allow me to transfer you to my IT department.”

Okay, I have had it! I swear, if I get one more robo-call from anyone for anything I might rip my phone right off the wall.

Now, I know that when I ran for office I myself made many phone calls seeking votes and had the help of friends and neighbors to do the same. I thought that it might be somewhat effective, plus it allowed me the opportunity to speak to people who were actually going to be voting for me.

I hardly ever used a recording or any automatic device of my own. I frankly become incensed when my phone rings, usually at mealtime or some other inconvenient time, to hear a recorded voice telling me to vote for so and so. My first reaction is “not on your life.”

At least I know that these calls hopefully will end right after election time, but there is another evil lurking out there trying desperately to annoy the hell out of me and millions of other people. People call and ask for a few minutes to complete a survey. It becomes pretty obvious from the questions that they ask as to just what their subliminal message is or who it is for.

I have one lady that calls me perhaps twice a week to tell me that they have lots of money to lend to me for my business. I usually reply that I have all the money in the world and could, in fact, lend them some if they needed it. That didn’t stop her from calling again and again.

I tried going through their entire menu and at the very end was given the option of pressing No. 1 to be removed from their call list. I did that; it didn’t work. I also signed up for the famous do-not-call list. I don’t know who maintains this list or how it is used to remove names from all of these annoying people but I can tell you from experience that it has had absolutely no effect on limiting these calls.

I have this Indian guy who calls me on a regular weekly basis to tell me that they have been searching the Internet and found that my computer was not working properly with Windows and that they would be glad to fix it for a fee.

My reply to that one is “allow me to transfer you to my IT department.” The next thing I hear usually is a click. I used to simply answer the phone and tell the caller that I must go answer my door at which point I set the phone down and just leave it there until the caller hangs up.

At least I have consumed some of their time and perhaps saved someone else from an interruption. I do in fact feel sorry for the people who accept these jobs that involve annoying people. They must be pretty desperate themselves but they are probably offered all types of rewards that keep them going.

If everyone replied to them as I do I think they might eventually go to work at McDonald’s or some other fast food vendor. It is not my job to provide employment for these people.

Many of my friends have suggested doing away with my plug-in telephone. We get very few of these calls on my cell phone although I do get a few. I don’t know at this time that I am willing to risk using my cell phone as my only means of communication.

So much for telephone: People often ask me if I got their email. I probably did. but I fear that it may be buried in the hundreds of useless emails that I receive every single day on my four email accounts.

I have tried sending them to junk mail, spam, and every other way of getting rid of them but somehow they keep coming back over and over and over again. It has reached the point where I dread opening my email and deleting all of the garbage that comes through, and I have not found a solution yet to this problem.

Yes, you can blame me for sending my newspaper articles to local people who might otherwise never see them. Of course we now have dozens of social media type businesses constantly telling me how someone on LinkedIn has updated their profile. I don’t care. On Facebook I really don’t care where any person had coffee that morning, what they had for lunch, or where they took their last photograph.

Again, I really dont care.

I have attended dozens of meetings with so-called social media experts and learned absolutely nothing other than the fact that there are just too damn many of them and most people are not using them for the purpose they were intended, and I don’t know what that is. So much for email.

How about my regular mailbox? I took a cruise a while back and that somehow made me eligible to receive, and I’m not exaggerating, several cruise catalogs virtually every day. Most of them have great glossy covers, dozens of glossy pictures inside and must cost several dollars each to produce and mail, yet they have sent out brochures over and over and over again to anyone who ever took a cruise or any other type of trip involving water.

The only thing I have learned from this is that in order to cover the cost of these beautiful brochures they must be making a lot of money off of their cruises.

Reading my newspaper used to be a simple thing: start with the comics, look at the headlines, read the interesting articles with them and then throw the newspaper out. The problem comes when the newspaper is bundled with a ton of stuff especially, now with the election in full swing. I hardly even notice the mattress ads because there is so much other junk include with my mail.

If I sound bitter and angry, then I have accomplished my goal of venting, my purpose with this article.

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