Summer internship program to employ 1,300 students

A historic collaboration between key Miami-Dade stakeholders brings something special to students this summer — 1,300 jobs throughout the county.

The Youth Summer Internship Program — designed to keep students safe and motivated this summer — is the result of a partnership of the Miami-Dade School Board, Miami-Dade County Commission, and the Foundation for New Education Initiatives and The Children’s Trust.

“This summer, Miami-Dade’s public school students will have the opportunity to participate in a summer youth internship program made possible through innovative school and community partnerships,” said Alberto M. Carvalho, superintendent of schools. “In an age of increased competitiveness, Miami-Dade students will benefit from real-world work experiences that will help prepare them to excel in their chosen career fields.

“Not only will students have the opportunity to enhance learning and earn high school and college credits, but they will be compensated for working in professional environments that will propel them to success after graduation,” Carvalho added. “The program also provides students the opportunity to positively engage in safe and productive activities over the summer.”

The Summer Jobs Program demonstrates the community’s commitment to working together to create a safer Miami-Dade for our children and for future generations. Safety and security of Miami-Dade’s young people are common goals of these organizations, and this program will keep children safe while providing an opportunity to do something positive during the summer.

Students and businesses interested in participating in the program can learn more and sign up at

Miami-Dade County has provided $1.7 million towards the program through legislation sponsored by Commissioner Xavier Suarez, in conjunction with $750,000 provided by The Children’s Trust. A total of 1,300 jobs will be provided, with 10 percent of the jobs going to children with special needs and 100 jobs being allocated to each commission district. The Summer Jobs Program will be administered through Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Along with employment, students will receive academic components that will provide them educational benefits, including possible high school or college credit.

“One of my top priorities is putting our residents to work, including our younger residents,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez. “This program will provide our young residents with the type of work experience that will prepare them for future success.

“Quality of life is directly tied to access to good jobs, so I am pleased to work with the Board of County Commissioners, The Children’s Trust and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools to employ young people throughout the entire County,” the mayor added.

“In the true spirit of collaboration, The Children’s Trust, Miami-Dade County and Miami-Dade County Public Schools will collectively support approximately 1,300 youth as they pursue their academic and professional aspirations,” said James Haj, president and CEO of The Children’s Trust. “Beginning to build a résumé in high school sets teens apart from their peers as future employers are looking for as much professional exposure and experience as possible. An internship counts! This exciting collaborative effort complements the nearly $3 million The Children’s Trust is already dedicating to summer jobs for youth, and will help to curb the growing youth violence problem.”

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