•1 cup walnuts
•1 cup raisins, soaked in water for 2 hours (you could skip this step)
• 2 ripe bananas
•1 cup oats
• ¹⁄³ cup. chia seeds
• ½ tsp. cinnamon
• ¼ cup cocoa nibs

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a food processor, combine walnuts, drained raisins, and banana. Blend for about 15 seconds, or until mixture is smooth.
3. In a seperate bowl, combine remaining ingredients. Mix well then add banana mixture. Stir until fully combined.
4. Spray cooking spray in a jelly roll pan. Add batter and spread on bottom of the pan evenly. Top with banana slices, if desired.
5. Bake for about 1 hour, or until bars are toasted.
6. Let cool and slice.
7. Enjoy!!

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