Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

By Alyna M. Bello….

Homestead Police Department’s K-9 Lt. Tommy Pritchett, City of Miami Detective and Homestead resident Saens Dorcely , and City of Homestead Mayor Steven C. Bateman and Council recognize Det. Dorcely for his brave actions in helping a neighbor in need.

At the last City Council meeting, Mayor Steven C. Bateman recognized an outstanding resident for his brave actions in coming to the aid of a neighbor in need. City of Miami Detective Saens Dorcely was presented with a proclamation for his role in helping his neighbor after a violent burglary that left the homeowner in extreme critical condition.
This past June, a Homestead homeowner and his family that live in the Oasis development walked in on a burglary in progress at their residence. Chaos erupted and the homeowner was shot in the face in front of his family. Detective Dorcely, a Homestead resident who resides in the Bali Development of the Oasis Community put his life on the line and ran to the man’s aid when he heard the gunshots. Detective Dorcely recognized one of the intruders as another resident of the community and gave this vital information to the police. Detective Dorcely’s vigilance and efforts helped the Homestead Police Department to apprehend and arrest the subjects involved.

Homestead Police K-9 Lieutenant Tommy Pritchett stated, “If it wasn’t for this man’s involvement these apprehensions would have never been possible. Because of him we apprehended three subjects and our K-9 units found the weapon.” Detective Dorcely is also the Home Owners Association President for the Bali community and volunteers numerous hours of his time when he is not working reporting incidents and trying to keep the neighborhood safe for all.

Mayor Bateman stated, “Detective Dorcely is a person who goes beyond the call of duty and is a model citizen. The quick-thinking and collaboration between Detective Dorcely and the Homestead Police Department took some very dangerous people off of our streets and I’m proud to have individuals like him living in our community.”

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