Mayor and Council help residents reduce power bill once again

By Alyna M. Bello….
South Florida is known for sunny days and its warm weather. Residents rely on their utilities to help keep them cool, especially during the hot summer months. This month when you receive your utility bill you are going to find a nice surprise. A 5% reduction in your June bill, one of the highest months of usage.
Earlier this year, City of Homestead Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and City Council set goals to reduce costs for residents. Once the goals were created, City officials began to look at areas where costs could be cut to help out residents.  The Mayor and City Council requested Homestead Energy Services (HES) to give customers a break with their electricity bill.
Customers began to see savings in January.  The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)       was reduced from $48.95/1000 kwh to $45.70, a reduction of $3.25 or 6.6%.  The Power Cost Adjustment allows the Electric Utility Company to recover costs caused by the fluctuations in fuel and purchased power costs that are above the base rates charged to consumers. The PCA was lowered again to $43.42/1000 kwh, a reduction of $2.28 or 5.0%, which will be reflected in your current electric bill.
The total reduction for customers from January 2010 until now is $5.53 or 11.3% in comparison to 2009. HES is now the 6th lowest cost provider of the 33 municipal electric utilities in the State of Florida.
Mayor Bateman stated, “It was an important initiative of Council to reduce power bills within our first year in office. We wanted to make this a priority and give back to the community.”

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