Belen student wins Baynanza T-shirt design competition

Maximiliano Garcia del Pozo, a seventh grade student at Belen is pictured with his artwork that inspired the Baynaza T-shirt

Seventh grade Belen student Maximiliano Garcia del Pozo on Saturday, Apr. 21, accepted first prize for designing the T-shirt used in Baynanza.

During the 30th anniversary of Baynanza thousands of volunteers from the community showed how much they care for one of our most important natural resources — Biscayne Bay. Many endured stormy conditions at 28 locations along the Bay during the Cleanup Day, picking up trash along the shorelines.

Maximiliano was joined by his science teacher Andrés Jiménez and Professor Shyara Lara as well as his proud mother, María de los Ángeles del Pozo.

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