Birdman cometh to town

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

There he was strutting across the street making his way into Starbucks on Sunset Drive. The sun was shining and the air was still crisp on Sunday morning, when this very big dude with his own special hairdo and tattoos everywhere didn’t even look around, not even to see if the ten plus people who where there enjoying their Lattes and Frappuccinos were staring at him (which we all were).

He was in Starbucks for about five minutes, then he made his way back across the street and we all watched in amazement how the Miami Heat player, Chris Andersen, aka Birdman, somehow jumped right back into his black Corvette, all 6’10” and 250 lbs and drove way into the sunrise. And BTW, I hear that The Birdman was dining over at ROK BRGR on SW 73 St after a recent Heat game.

Had the pleasure of seeing Richard Bernstein, who happens to be an attorney and just happens to have run 17 marathons and complete two triathlons. He spoke at the Chabad Center of Kendall/Pinecrest. Richard, who is a national advocate for people with disabilities, spoke for 45 minutes about overcoming obstacles and reaching your potential without even once referring to any notes of any type. He inspired me and opened my eyes about the power of the spirit that is within us and how we can reach deep and call on our inner strength to push through when times are tough. OH yes, did I mention that Richard is blind and has been since birth?

Couldn’t help but see Commissioner Bob “Bobble Head” Welsh out and about planting trees around town. Turns out that Bob has reportedly planted some 200 trees on his escapade to make South Miami a bit greener. Good for him and as much as he is quite the character, I tip my cowboy hat to Bob for making a difference.

According to recent polls, a huge majority of Floridians are going to vote for allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Somewhere around 72-75 % seem in favor of allowing pot to be used for medical reasons. In case you have been under a cloud of smoke, there are some 20 states that now allow “Medical” marijuana with lots more coming down the pipe, sorry coming down the pike. Many states have also decriminalized it of having possession for a small amount of weed.

MY question to the leaders of South Miami… If medical marijuana becomes legal, where will the city allow dispensaries (pot stores) to be located? If such a store was located around city hall, it would very convenient to stop by, take a toke or two and then attend a city commission, where folks could just sit in the back of the room and enjoy the show.

Great news for South Miami Hospital. For the third consecutive term, has achieved Magnet® recognition for excellence in nursing services by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program®. The designation is the nation’s highest form of recognition for nursing excellence and a benchmark for the quality of care patients receive.

South Miami Hospital joins the ranks of elite clinical-care institutions in the nation with its Magnet Recognition Program status. Only 18 hospitals in Florida and less than 7 percent of the hospitals in the nation have achieved Magnet recognition. Less than 3 percent of this group has earned redesignation and less than 1 percent has been designated a third time. South Miami Hospital first received Magnet recognition in 2004 and was re-designated in 2008.

Was over at SoMi Fitness the other day, and son of a gun, couldn’t believe my eyes, but there was the Grammy Award winner Lenny Kravitz, working out and buffing up. I’m just wondering if he has some more music or movies on his mind. Or will his last album, Black and White America, be the last?

Also working out was Levi Meyer, the real estate guy, who is actually looking pretty good nowadays and from what I’ve been told, Levi and his wife, Lauren, are expecting their first child in May. Congratulations to both of them.

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