Density may determine future of planned home development

Density may determine future of planned home development

Vacant parcel: 20 homes or less?

Density often decides how the West Kendall Zoning Appeals Board makes recommendations. Balancing compatibility of new residential housing with adjacent settled neighborhoods is a key factor for decisions as growth continues to mushroom in District 11.

It also is the reason why Community Council 11 members, acting as a Zoning Appeals Board, will review what might normally be a routine request from builder Sergio Pino, manager of Century Homebuilders Group LLC.

Platting already is approved under RU1MB zoning to allow 20 homes on 6,000-square-foot lots on a vacant 4.48- acre parcel between SW 43rd and 44th terraces and 158th and 159th avenues.

However, the county zoning staff has recommended denial because single-family homes already are built on three adjacent parcels that carry platting for 7,500- square-foot lots.

A pre-hearing denial stipulates “the proposed RU1MB (6,000 SF) zoning in the middle of RU1 (7,000 SF) zoned parcels to the north, south and east would not be consistent with the RU1 trend, east of the subject property. Therefore, the proposed zoning would not be compatible with the area.”

It is a trend the Miami-Dade County staff believes should be followed for the new development, in accordance with land master planning. If followed, the recommendation would require a reduced number of homes or reconfiguring the existing platted lots, according to a staff consultant.

A summary recommendation on density and other factors prepared by the county planning staff was not available prior to deadline.

Even so, it will be up to seven council members to decide whether or not 1,500- square-foot differences in lot sizes could ultimately effect West Kendall’s growth and neighborhood compatibility.

Discussion about the county’s push for larger lot sizes and the effect on future residential building tops the agenda for Community Council 11 at its meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 7 p.m., at the Civic Pavilion, Kendall Village Center, 8625 SW 124 Ave.

Ultimately, the Miami-Dade County Commission decides because community council zoning votes are recommendations for commission action, not the final say.

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