Dream inspired man to create unique children’s shoe company

Dream inspired man to create unique children’s shoe company

Dream inspired man to create unique children’s shoe company
The fatherdaughter team of Boband Jacki Stanley are pictured with their Bobbi- Toads children’s shoes.

Bobbi-Toads is a children’s shoe company founded in 2012 by a father-daughter team.

The company literally had its creation stem from a dream Bob Stanley had many years ago while vacationing with his family in San Francisco. In the incredibly detailed dream, he received what many would call divine instructions on how to create a specific product, including the brand name and even a particular charity with whom to share a portion of the profits.

On awaking, Bob related this dream to his family. His daughter Jacki remembers the incident vividly and, at the time, she was only 10 years old.

After returning from vacation the following Monday morning, Bob was welcomed by a new project from a new client, none other than the very same charity mentioned in his dream and one that had been unknown to him the previous week. At this point, Bob was driven to heed the call and immediately obtained a design patent for these comfortable kicks that feature embossed “toes” in the rubber cap with toes that can be painted over and over again with nail polish, just like real toenails, affording children a chance to creatively mix and match outfits with their shoes.

Of course, running a large printing company with his brother, Bob was left with little time to grow the company fulltime until he retired about the same time daughter Jacki graduated from the University of Miami. At that point the two teamed up to turn his dream into a reality. Of course, even before they turned a profit, the company already had started its support for the charity.

Bobbi-Toads sell online at www.bobbitoads.com but have been seen on display recently at a Farmer’s Market where children stood in line to take a try painting the sample shoes with their favorite colors. The shoes are the most exclusive, adorable, and high-quality sneakers for little girls and seem to be a hit with adults as well.

While Bobbi-Toads sneakers do work well with any nail polish and remover, the Toads Team offers their bright and cosmic Bobbi-Polish nail polish, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Bobbi-Toads make the perfect present for any young girl, and Bobbi-Bucks gift certificates are also available for those little fashionistas who may want to pick out their own pair.
You have to love a company that has a mission of helping charity while also affording young girls a fun creative outlet.

For additional information, contact Jacki Stanley at 1-855-BUY-TOADS.

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