Former Bank Lawyer Fights for Miami Homeowners

Former Bank Lawyer Fights for Miami HomeownersShould I pay the mortgage on my home? What about the taxes and condo fees? What’s the worst that can happen if I don’t pay? What’s the best I can hope for?

There are so many people offering advice. Realtors will tell you to sell. Bankruptcy attorneys will tell you to go bankrupt. Loan modification services will tell you to ask nicely for a loan modification. One attorney who spent years representing banks in foreclosures, Bruce Jacobs, will tell you to negotiate from strength.

Bruce Jacobs is not only a former bank lawyer, he is also a foreclosure defense client. “I didn’t want to go bankrupt or spend the rest of my life paying for this mortgage mess,” said Bruce. “I had five mortgages on two properties underwater by almost $500,000.00. I stopped paying and put up a fight. Now, I have one property with one mortgage.”

There are plenty of reasons to fight. Banks got a bailout of $7.7 Trillion in almost interest free loans from our taxpayer dollars. They pay out billions in bonuses to Wall Street executives while Main Street is left to fight for themselves. The loan modification programs are not working. Homeowners run in circles before getting denied or offered a deal that only helps the bank make more money.

Bruce is part of a national group of dedicated lawyers fighting back against banks. They train at seminars around the country and online to share resources and develop cutting edge strategies in foreclosure defense. Many of the attorneys are former bank lawyers who, like Bruce, are passionate about fighting for meaningful help for their clients. Bruce has lectured on foreclosure defense at continuing legal education seminars for other attorneys and realtor offices so more homeowners have access to his strategies.

“The goal is either a meaningful loan modification with a principal balance reduction, a release from the debt, or to fight to clear the mortgage off the property,” said Bruce about most of his clients. “There are reasons banks filed ‘robo-signed’ fraudulent documents in foreclosures all over the country. Many have serious paperwork problems which makes proving the right to foreclose in a courtroom difficult.”

To schedule a free consultation with Bruce Jacobs at his downtown Miami office please call (855) BANK-LIE (226-5543) or watch their free webinar: “Strategies for an Underwater Mortgage” at “Not paying your mortgage is only a strategic default if you have a strategy.”

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