Healthy Connect Concierge to Begin Offering New Services for Seniors in Miami

On the road again bike picture-HCCHealthy Connect Concierge to Begin Offering New Services for Seniors in Miami When it comes to health, the goal – remaining vital and fit – is straightforward. But the path to get there too often is complex, intimidating and frustrating. You need help – a navigator to lead you in the right directions, an ambassador to take advantage of connections and open doors, a trusted advisor and go-to resource to help you achieve those goals.

Beginning in October, a new health and wellness concierge company, Healthy Connect Concierge, catering to active, older adults will begin taking members in Miami. Healthy Connect Concierge fits the role of navigator, ambassador, go-to resource, and more! They offer custom solutions to address all aging health and wellness needs. One of their founders, Brittany Gonzalez says, “Our goal is to provide convenient and accessible connections to all health and wellness resources allowing us to help our members achieve the best quality of life possible. We want to remove the headaches and the hurdles from the complex healthcare system, and guide our members to achieve total health and wellness.”

Their emphasis is a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness – diet, nutrition, customized exercise plans, preventative doctor visits, identification of appropriate clinical and non-clinical specialists, alternative medicine, coordination of companion services, identification of current and future needs, and much more. Healthy Connect Concierge realizes that each member is unique and their membership plans will align with each individual’s goals. The plans are designed to include a standard set of services with a menu of “add-on” benefits that members can customize to their needs.

Standard services include access to an around the clock health and wellness personal concierge, coordination of all health and wellness services, cloud-based personal health record, in-home and phone check-ins, personalized health and wellness plans, and services aligned with the changing needs of their members. To find out more, contact them at 786.888.1692 or

About Healthy Connect Concierge

Healthy Connect Concierge is a provider of health and wellness services to active, older adults. They recently launched in Miami, FL to begin services throughout Miami-Dade County. They have further plans to expand throughout Florida. For more information, contact them at 786.888.1692 or 

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