Horse Country Shows Support for Miami-Dade District 10 County Commissioner Javier Souto

Javier Souto and Jorge Valle-Riestra

Commissioner Javier Souto (left) is pictured with Jorge Valle-Riestra at a fundraiser in Horse Country.

Horse Country residents showed their support for Senator Javier Souto’s reelection bid as Miami-Dade District 10 Commissioner at an event held at Sunrise Equestrian Center on March 15. The amazing state-of-the-art facility coupled with picture-perfect weather set the backdrop for a terrific afternoon.

Jorge, Jr. and Diana Valle-Riestra, Priscilla Bake’s Dog Dude Ranch, Raul and Georgina Dominguez, Michael and Susan Miller and Bobby and Pam Shockey hosted the event, catered by Janis Signorelli’s Pasquale’s Kitchen. Jorge, Sr. and Maria Valle-Riestra provided libations. Guests relaxed on a beautiful covered patio enjoying hors d’oeuvres of Caprese salad skewers, pulled pork sliders, chilled polenta with fresh spinach and feta cheese, and Italian sausage sliders with peppers and onions. Delicious!

Jorge Valle-Riestra treated Senator Souto and guests to a tour of his phenomenal facility, which boasts rubber pavers on the barn isles and stall floors to significantly reduce stress to the horses’ joints. A quick glance upwards reveals the three magnificent chandeliers that provide the lighting in the facility, solidifying the elegance of this impressive barn. The two arenas are impeccably groomed, providing the perfect atmosphere for training and showing. What a treat to see this center first-hand!

Senator Souto addressed the guests and encouraged them to take an active role in their community and let their voices be heard by voting. He spoke of his years in our state legislature and local governments. He talked about the joys of raising his children in South Florida and the successful adults they have become. He also voiced his strong support for South Florida’s agricultural areas and the need to preserve them, while at the same time imparting his dedication to all his constituents.

Everyone had the opportunity to speak personally with Senator Souto, and his genuineness and attentiveness left no doubt that he saw them all as part of his District 10 extended family. For additional information about Horse Country, visit

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