Party’s coming – What works fast? Hydrafacial

Q: It’s just a few weeks until a very big party I’m giving myself, and I want to look the best I can. What can I do to help — with no “down time?”

A: There are many products and procedures you can consider, with little no “down time.” However, even without cosmetic surgery, bruising may linger until your party time, although most effects disappear after two weeks. You may have to consider wearing a little extra makeup, just to touch up faint blemishes.Dr. Wolf pic 2

Improving skin appearance can begin with a hydrafacial to enliven skin tone. Regular facials that do not cause irritation should be considered, too. Always choose the dependable moisturize you have comfortably used in the past, rather than try out a new product just before your party unless you’re sure your skin is normally insensitive to product change. (I often see patients who try new products and treatments prior to a major event and are saddened by a negative reaction.)

If your skin appears droopy or has a prominent nasolabial fold, you may consider any one of injectable treatment products, including Voluma, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Belotero and Radiesse, among many options available today. Bromolin and Arnica can be used to help with the potential of post-surgical bruising.

For the forehead and eye areas — with no less than two weeks before your party — you may use Dysport or Botox, both normally fully functional after a two-week period. However, if your party is only few days away, I recommend using Dysport because of its tendency to begin acting sooner than Botox.

In addition to these treatments, consider hydrating on a regular basis, especially well before your next party. It will not only improve skin quality but might help alleviate any potential hangover, too!

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