I agree with former Vice President Dick Cheney

I agree with former Vice President Dick Cheney that “GOP needs to look to new leaders.”

Cheney did not elaborate on who is a potential candidate for the Republicans to go against the Democrats in the next presidential election, but it was evident on a recent Meet the Press that he is not happy with the “current” leaders.

An aggressive Republican Party without a strong Democrat opposition can lead to no good. Likewise I feel that a strong Democrat Party, when in control, needs a strong Republican Party to maintain the checks and balances so very much needed in Washington.

The three currently strong Republican prospective candidates to lead their party in the next presidential election represent a segment of the GOP that will only lead to four more years of a Democrat in the White House.

Senators Ron Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have, in my opinion, killed their chances of leading the party in 2016. All three played into the hands of the Republican Party right wing and killed the party’s chance of winning half of the votes in the general election. Estimates place that the Tea Party represents 30 to 35 percent of registered Republicans.

It is one thing to win the hearts and minds of the Tea Party. It is another to win the votes of the more centrists of the Republican Party plus the needed votes from Democrats to win the White House.

A simple fact: Democrats will not vote for a Tea Party endorsed candidate for the White House. They will vote for a more middle of the road Republican.

What does the Tea Party want? To prove who they are, by knocking off currently seated Republicans in the Senate and House that don’t agree with them. Or, is it to garner enough votes to take control of the government?

I often ask where are the other Republicans? Why haven’t they organized their own tea party? Agreat name would be “The Right Way Republicans.”

Both parties should check what they will say before they say it — they are making themselves look foolish.

President Barack Obama should have known that his Obama healthcare program wouldn’t permit an insured to keep his own doctor regardless of the plan he or she enrolled in, rates would go down and you could keep your old plan if you wish. That would have been an easy fact check for his staff. It made him look like he was ether outside the loop or was not telling the truth in the hopes that no one would check — crazy.

Likewise Sen. Rubio’s crazy statement that made the headlines “300K to lose coverage [health policies].” The reason the policies are being cancelled is that they do not include many of the mandatory 10 coverages the new law requires. Rubio should have checked with Florida Blue and he would have learned that the policyholders can be reissued with the added 10 benefits required by law — unfortunately, possibly at a higher premium.

Last Sunday I asked a Republican friend of mine why the Republicans don’t propose a plan as an alternate to the current Obamacare plan rather than constantly criticize the Democrats? His answer was “keep the current way healthcare is covered.” In other words (my statement) the hell with the millions that go without healthcare insurance. What this really means is the millions without coverage will continue to go to public hospitals and receive free care. Free to the sick but at a cost to taxpayers who must pay for the free benefits.In the end the taxpayer will always pay.

In realty, if the Tea Party continues to control the Republican Party naming the party’s candidate for the office of the President then it is guaranteed that the White House will remain in the hands of the Democrats. Is this what the RNC wants?

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