Incorporation – Its all about your money

By Deborah Lamb

1. Incorporating into a city is the most important issue unincorporated residents will ever have to contemplate. If you do not live in a city this affects YOU.

The effect on everyone’s pocket book is greater than any bond issue or library tax increase because you are asked to burden yourselves with another whole taxing authority. So why isn’t your government making an effort to inform you that incorporation study groups currently are operating all over Miami-Dade County?

2. The fact is that the County, YOUR government, refuses to promote any genuine effort to inform the residents that their areas are even included in a study.

People are constantly complaining that they were not even made aware of the creation of Municipal Advisory Committees (MACs). This is made painfully evident when you only have County employees, CRA, and the MAC members attending the meetings in Moss’ South B MAC meetings, but no residents.

3. There is an agenda to incorporate the rest of unincorporated Miami-Dade County into municipalities or annex areas to existing cities.

The Mayor and a number of Commissioners are hellbent to have this happen. So much so, that Commissioners Heyman, Zapata, and Moss created the MAC study committees without even asking their residents for a petition to prove there was even an interest to consider incorporating. The lack of petitions also prevents the residents from even being informed when an incorporation effort is being attempted.

4. The people’s taxes and revenues generated by UMSA should not be expected to pay for any wants or needs of a municipality, but that is not presently the case. One need only to look at police services and the transportation funds for examples.

Rather than continually trying to force residents into becoming cities, a more desirable solution would be to demand that ALL taxes and revenues generated within UMSA be separated from any County-wide revenues and not allow any of UMSA funds to be “repurposed” into the County-wide or any municipality’s coffers. If, after this is done, unincorporated Dade still needs more funding, then we can look at raising our 1.9 mil property taxes to accommodate for OUR needs only. It’s only fair.

If you would like to learn more, please go to STOPTHEFALLS@GMAIL.COM and ask to be added to our email list. This group is monitoring the 2 South Dade Macs in Commissioner Moss’ District 9 and also the West Kendall MACs of Commissioner Zapata’s District.

Currently, there is a North East MAC, which encompasses everything north from the County line , south to Biscayne Blvd., and west to I-95. Please contact the Rooks at or phone them at 305-933-9594.

There is also a Biscayne Gardens MAC that is operating without the awareness of their 40 to 60,000 residents. Please contact Bruce Lamberto at or phone him at 786-367-7072.

Or you can go to the County’s website to check on your area;

Or go to Miami-Dade County Residents Against Incorporation and Annexation to see a 6 part MAC meeting on Youtube giving you an idea what to expect if you attend a meeting.

Or you can go to these same Youtube videos directly;

Please get involved, network with you neighbors in your area now, or you could be paying for the rest of your life. Deborah Lamb

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