Juan C. Zapata Endorsed for Miami-Dade County Commissioner by former Candidate Javier Muñoz

Juan C. Zapata, who finished in first place in the August 14th primary election with 48 percent of the votes for County Commissioner in District 11 in West Kendall, received the endorsement of former opponent Javier Muñoz, a network engineer from Florida International University. “Javier ran a positive race and demonstrated a good grasp of the issues that directly impact our community, which is why the voters rewarded him with almost 2,500 votes. This is a very respectable showing for a first time candidate for public office,” said Zapata. I am very appreciative and humbled by Javier’s endorsement of my candidacy for County Commissioner.

“The residents of our community are tired of negative campaigns by candidates that lack substance and therefore focus on mud slinging. I attended all the debates and candidate screenings with Juan and while we both aspired to the same office, we focused on discussing the issues that directly impact the residents of Miami-Dade County and the future of our children. This is why the choice is clear for voters on November 6th on who can best serve our community, and why I am wholeheartedly endorsing Juan Zapata for County Commissioner in District 11,” said Muñoz. According to Muñoz, Juan Zapata’s experience in the Florida Legislature and the fact that he ran a campaign based on reform and improving the quality of life for the residents of West Kendall and West Dade convinced him to endorse the former State Representative.

Zapata now faces Manny Machado, a police officer currently on leave from his County job, who finished in second place on Tuesday.

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