Kendall Village Farmers’ Market

Kendall Village Farmers MarketCome out every Sunday and visit your local farmers’ markets, where dozens of local vendors showcase their wonderful products, including fresh produce, local honey, artisan breads, delicious prepared foods, and much, much more.  Enjoy the best produce and the best prices in town, delicious food, and live music every Sunday at the Kendall Village Farmers’ Market from 10am-3pm, located in the parking lot behind Regal Cinema.

Pineapples 3.00/each
Lychees $5.00/lb.
Oranges 5/$1.00
Graperfruits N/A
Limes 5/$1.00
Lemons 3/$1.00
Peaches (Large) $1 each
Cherries $6.00/lb.
Dragon Fruit 4.00/lb.
Bananas 50 cents/lb.
Organic Bananas $1.00/lb.
Apple Bananas $1.00/lb.
All Apples 3/$1.00
Pears 3/$1.00
Papaya $1/lb.
Florida Avocados $2.00 each
Haas Avocados $1.00/each
Strawberries $3.50/crate
Blueberries $3.00/crate
Blackberries 2/$5.00
Raspberries $3.00/pack
Dates $8.00/lb.
Florida Mangoes $1.00 each
Haitian Mangos $1.00 each
Grapes (Red & Green) $4.00/bag
Tomatoes $1.00/lb.
Plum Tomatoes $1.00/lb.
Cucumbers 2/$1.00
Red Potatoes 50 cents/lb.
Sweet Potatoes $1.00/lb.
Sweet Onions $1.00/lb.
Red Onions $1.00/lb.
Yellow Onions $1.00/lb.
Tumeric OUT
Butternut Squash $1.00/lb.
Yellow Squash $1.00/lb.
Calabaza $1.00/lb.
Spaghetti Squash $1.00/lb.
Green Plantains 3/$1.00
Yellow Plaintains 3/$1.00
Red Peppers $1.00 each
Green Peppers 75 cents ea.
Yellow & Orange Peppers $1.50 each
Zucchini $1.50/lb.
Kale 2 for $4.00
Parsley $1.00/bunch
Broccoli $3.00/head
Cabbage 3 lb./$1.00
Iceberg Lettuce $1.50/head
Carrots $1.00/lb.
Eggplant $1.00/lb.
Yuca (Casava) $1.00/lb.
Watermelon (Large) $5.00/each
Mamey (Zapote) $2.00/lb.
Farm Raised Double Yolk Eggs $6.00/dozen
Farm Raised Single Yolk Eggs $12.00/30 pack
“Guanabana” (Soursop) in Jars $10.00/jar
“Guanabana” (Soursop) Leaves $8.00/bag
Watercress $1.50/bunch
Quail Eggs $7.00/24 pack
Red Beets $1.00/lb.
Gold Beets $1.50/lb.
Boniato Cubano 50 cents/lb.
Malanga $1.00/lb.
Celery $2.00/bunch
Jalapenos 5/$1.00
Hot Peppers 5/$1.00
Cilantro $1.00/bunch
Yams $1.00/lb.
Ginger $2.00/lb.
Jackfruit $2.50/lb.
Guanabana (Soursop) $8.00/lb.
Chirimoya OUT
Guayaba (White & Red) $2.00/lb.
Kiwi 3/$1.00
Asian Pear $2.00 each
Pomegranates 2/$5.00
Persimmons $2.00 each
Cuban/Caribbean Plums $4.00/lb.
Pineapples 3.00/each
Lychees $5.00/lb.
Oranges 5/$1.00
Graperfruits N/A
Limes 5/$1.00
Lemons 3/$1.00
Peaches (Large) $1 each

Located at 8705 SW 124th Avenue (west of the FL-Turnpike off 88th Street and north on 124th Avenue), the market sets up in the parking lot behind Regal Movie Theater every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.



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