KFHA past president seeking end to relationship with PAC

To the Editor:

I firmly believe in the right of any group or individual to cast votes or make endorsements of any issue or candidate, no matter how illogical I find some of those choices. What I do have a problem with is tying me or other board members into those choices by association or inference. Such is the case with the KFPAC-KFHA relationship. I did not join KFHA to make political endorsements and due to the nature of my job, it is inappropriate for me to do so. However, having a PAC pulls everyone into this. Consequently, as a result, this PAC becomes an albatross forever circling above us.

By associating itself with the KFHA (Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations), either in name or in memo form or via the signature of the KFHA president, it infers that the KFHA backs these endorsements.

As immediate past president of KFHA, I wish to make it clear to all reading this letter that that is not the case. As I understand it, only five KFHA board members — including the president of this PAC — were involved in those decisions. That is a minority of our KFHA board. Many more were NOT members of the KFHA. In fact, this PAC is open to all, as it should be. However, at the same time, the association with KFHA and the statement that it is representative or associated with KFHA is misleading and a complete misnomer.

The fact that these endorsements are sent from KFHA creates the impression that this PAC is KFHA. It is unbelievable to me that some claim the two entities are separate and yet the endorsements come from KFHA.

The fact that this PAC calls itself Kendall Federation Political Action Committee makes the ties between the two seem like they are inseparable.

The fact that the head of this PAC is seemingly chairman for life and that KFHA has no controlling interest in this PAC is equally troubling. One person should not have the power to run an organization that is under the KFHA banner with the result that KFHA has absolutely no control, no oversight or no say in the running of an entity supposedly under its banner.

For the record, I chose not to be a member of the PAC for the very reason stated above — all the more cause to find this association so troubling.

Try as I might to disassociate myself from these endorsements, by being a member of KFHA and its past president, people have assumed that I am involved with the PAC. That is all the more reason why the ties should be severed. Selfishly, I don’t want to be put in the position of having to take phone calls and explain that I too disagree with the choices. Sever the ties — now.

I know that this may incur the wrath of some on the PAC. I am sorry about that, but not sorry enough to withhold my opinion, which I believe is just, logical and appropriate. Perhaps next time, my grievances and concerns will be heard and not force me to take my case to this group as a whole.

Therefore I would like to see KFPAC change its name and disassociate itself from the KFHA for the benefit of all concerned. It is illogical to carry on and claim the two are not associated when the branding clearly creates the impression that it is otherwise. Make this so.


Lee Zimmerman,

Immediate Past President of the KFHA

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