Kmart scheduled to close 104th St. store Sept. 23

A Kmart store open for 25 years in Kendall is scheduled to close its doors on Sept. 23. The Kmart on S. Dixie Highway, at 7900 SW 104 St., is holding final sales before shutting down as the major tenant of three buildings in the 18-plus-acre property.

Before becoming a Kmart in 1986, the store space was occupied by Builders Square. The store adjoins a Winn-Dixie outlet and a third free-standing restaurant building at the corner of S. Dixie Highway and SW 104th Street.

“Our option to renew our lease was denied,” said Kim Freely, spokesperson for the giant retail corporation in Hoffman Estates, IL, adding she could not provide any additional details. “The Sept. 23 date is the closing listed, but it could vary by a day or two.”

The store has about 40 employees, all of whom will be given the opportunity for transfer to other Kmart locations, depending upon existing vacancies, she said.

Meanwhile, one store manager said a “Super Target” store (along with a new Office Depot) is scheduled to replace Kmart. A Target corporate spokesman would not confirm that information.

Ownership of the property is listed as Suebert Corporation, headed by Bertram J. Goldsmith/CEO, who could not be reached for comment before publication.

In 2012, the property carried a total market value of $24.7 million, a $5 million assessment increase over its $19.5 million value in 2011. Building market values also increased from $3.6 to $8.5 million in the same 12-month period. The shopping area originally was built in 1963.

The third building, once occupied by Fuddrucker’s, was reopened as “Betty’s Best Burgers” which closed its doors leaving the current building unoccupied. Anew Fuddrucker’s outlet subsequently was opened at 14875 S. Dixie Hwy. in Palmetto Bay, some 40 blocks south of its former location in Kendall.

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