Local businesswoman launches first book about ‘having it all’

Local businesswoman launches first book about ‘having it all’

Liliana Páez

Seasoned sales and marketing professional Liliana Páez is a prime example of a working mother who has successfully balanced her career and motherhood.

The local mom entrepreneur is on a mission to teach other women how to find balance in their lives and establish their own business, and thereby “have it all.” Páez recently launched her first book, Female Power A Women’s Guide to Becoming a Millionaire, which features specific strategies and techniques for women to set out on the path of success.

The sales entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Global Smarts Products, a company headquartered in Miami’s Brickell area with a global presence. The firm focuses on creating, designing and selling cutting edge, innovative products, which are currently sold at major retailers in over 35 countries, via e-commerce and Direct Response Television. She has gone from selling cakes door to door, to engaging in multiple successful business ventures to founding her own company.

In her book, Páez creates a step-by-step program to achieve financial triumph. The guide, along with Liliana’s personal story on how she became a successful businesswoman despite obstacles, provides women with all the necessary tools to flourish.

Female Power A Women’s Guide to Becoming a Millionaire is comprised of her inspiring biography, an easy-to-follow 15-step guide, a CD audio book, a CD to program the listener’s subconscious and a strategic agenda for the reader to keep up with an action plan and make it happen.

“Every woman has the potential to achieve her dreams and reach professional and financial realization,” said Liliana Páez, author of the Female Power A Women’s Guide to Becoming a Millionaire.

“Today, women no longer have to choose between being a stay-at-home mom or being a businesswoman, and they need to take advantage of this.”

Originally from Colombia, Páez was raised by a middle class family and came to Miami in pursuit of her American dream. She has achieved $5 billion in sales throughout her illustrious career.

Some of the topics addressed in the book include: working for yourself, the magic of visualization, ambition as your best friend, tips on taking the “no” out of life, sales as a path toward financial success when investing isn’t an option, among others.

With her comprehensive book, Liliana hopes to inspire women to choose their own destiny by fearlessly pursuing their goals. The guide serves as a tool for women to realize that a change of attitude toward life and challenges is a crucial first step toward achieving success. Her moving story of how she became a successful businesswoman through her own efforts will motivate readers to believe in themselves and the power of determination.

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