Neighborhood Fish Farm, Like Nowhere Else on Earth

(l-r) Richard Bradwell, Will Bradwell, Nancy Bradwell

(l-r) Richard Bradwell, Will Bradwell, Nancy Bradwell

If you are among the fortunate, you will discover places in Miami-Dade that give you a good look at the way things were decades ago. These little spots are not something time forgot. Instead they are something time honors and improves. Their original integrity never wanes. The Neighborhood Fish Farm is that kind of place.

Richard Bradwell and his family have overseen the 1.25-acre site since 1971, selling the highest quality freshwater tropical fish available in the idyllic section of the county known as “Horse Country.”

Walking among mature trees, shaded paths and row after row of large concrete tubs that house scores of tropical fish, Richard speaks about the ability of fish to quell human anxieties.

“There is no place else like this. After 911 [September 11, 2001] people came out here just to walk around and have a sense of peace,” said Richard.

Fish tanks at Neighborhood Fish Farm

Fish tanks at Neighborhood Fish Farm

The Bradwells operate two separate locations, working directly with breeders and exporters to provide healthy, high-quality tropical fish to their customers both here and around the country. Long ago they reached their goal to become the best supplier of freshwater fish. Thanks to south Florida’s climate, the Bradwells have been successful at breeding and raising a diverse selection of tropical fish in an environment that encourages the fish to thrive in those large tubs in Horse Country. Summerland Fish (established 1950), their grow-out facility located on 10 acres in Homestead, allows them to breed and maintain large amounts of fish, while keeping the retail cost of the fish affordable.

With over 200 species of fish available, a great assortment of aquarium plants, supplies, lilies for ponds, and an extremely knowledgeable bilingual staff, the Horse Country business is the one-stop location for freshwater tropical fish. Always in stock are many types of African Cichlids, Japanese and American Koi, Chinese Orandas, Fancy Guppies, Angelfish, Mollies, Goldfish, Tetras, and Bettas, among many others.

Richard Bradwell and his wife Nancy have been passing the baton to their son Will. Will

Pond at entrance to the fish farm

Pond at entrance to the fish farm

went away to college, studied business and after spending some time in the corporate world returned to the family home and fish farm. Richard and Nancy’s son, Destin Bradwell is an accomplished artist and travelographer in Saint Augustine Beach.

“We worked here as kids and grew up in the business. Here I am back again and enjoying my involvement in the fish farms,” said Will.

The Bradwells are proud of their record of hiring and maintaining knowledgeable and highly customer-service focused staff. Most have been with them for seven years or more. They understand that consumer education is essential regarding the proper care and treatment of tropical fish as pets. It is a pet-owner’s responsibility to keep exotics out of Florida’s freshwater sources.

The Neighborhood Fish Farm is located at 12150 SW 45 Street and is open Monday through Friday from noon until 7PM and Saturday and Sunday from 10AM until 6PM. Call 305-221-8013 or visit them on Facebook and website at

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