New VeePop augmented reality app makes T-shirts come alive

New VeePop augmented reality app makes T-shirts come alive

T-shirts “come alive” with the newly launched VeePop app launched by Kendall-based technology company RealityBoost. After downloading the VeePop app, users simply point a smart phone or tablet at the T-shirt and a 3D television screen pops up showing the organization’s video. RealityBoost is targeting schools and non-profits with the Augmented Reality product.

Kendall-based technology leader RealityBoost ( has launched VeePop, a mobile app that makes tee shirts “come alive” with videos through the “magic” of augmented reality (AR). This marks the first time that AR, previously the domain of major “brands,” has been made affordable for the masses.

The company, which specializes in the development of mobile and Internet-based apps, has targeted schools and non-profits as potential users in this engaging way for organizations to make their T-shirts “pop”with video.

VeePop (, available at Google Play and the App Store, is simple to use; download (and open) the free app, point the smartphone or tablet at the T-shirt and a 3D TV screen “pops up,” playing the organization’s video.

“This is a great opportunity for schools and nonprofits to get their messages across in a unique manner,” said Edwin Rivera, RealityBoost president and CEO. “And because of the fun nature of the video — shown on a 3D television screen — organizations should be able to sell more Tshirts, thus bolstering their fundraising efforts.”

But the eye-catching shirts provide schools with another bonus according to Rivera.

“Imagine being able to have a video about the school or non-profit ‘pop’ out in front of the viewer,” Rivera said. “This a fun, eye-catching and engaging way to get the message and provides these organizations with a distinct marketing edge.”

According to Rivera, whose company is a leader in the AR field with clients including Walmart, Marvel, Disney and Evy of California, VeePop offers schools and nonprofits the opportunity to change the video message on the shirt at any time, thus extending the life of the shirt.

“By using the VeePop app, schools and non-profit organizations — always on tight budgets — don’t have to print new shirts every time they want to change their message,” Rivera said. “They simply provide us with a new video to upload and their new message is ready to go.”

For more information on VeePop, contact RealityBoost at 1-888-662-0866.

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