New ‘water stations’ on tap at parks in Kendall

The newest wrinkle in thirst quenching will dawn soon in Kendall. Four parks in District 11 will get “Outdoor Water Refilling Stations,” more commonly known as water fountains or just plain “bubblers.”

With a weather-resistant finish on “durable tubular steel construction (with corrosion protection internal and external coatings” according to manufacturer Elkay), the one-piece units will provide one gallon per minute capability to fill water bottles of thirsty exercisers or softball players.

Miami-Dade District 11 Commissioner Juan C. Zapata is “bringing new water fountains to Olympic, International Gardens, Sun Lakes, Tamiami Lakes, and Indian Hammocks parks,” according to his March newsletter. Each park will have one new water fountain with a water bottle fill-up feature (incorporating “Laminar flow to minimize splash” adds Elkay). Indian Hammocks Park gets two fountains as part of a Recreational Center renovation. “These will be the first parks to have water fountains with such a feature in unincorporated Miami-Dade County,” added the Commissioner’s office.

Installation of the water fountain in Olympic Park has begun, expected to be completed by late March.” Remaining parks will get their new stations in six to eight weeks, according to the Miami-Dade Parks Department. At $3,750 (plus installation expenses, if any), total cost to taxpayers is $18,750.

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