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Lokalie, announced today the launching of their mobile app and advertising tool created exclusively for small local businesses. After two years of planning and development, we have finally launched LOKALIE, a mobile advertising tool like no other designed to help struggling small businesses with none or very little marketing budget advertise and compete against big box retailers through the use of Hostile Advertising.

By integrating different concepts like geo location, push notifications and Hostile Advertising merchants can reach their target users by creating “Lokal Hangouts” by advertising anywhere they want including their competitors location engaging the users with offers and discounts made for lokals only!  This means that a small lokalie owned pet store can advertise inside a national chain pet store and give their clients a killer offer to convince them to visit them instead. In return the pet store owner receives all the basic data and information about his store, his customer’s interaction and shopping patterns with over 7 detailed reports available. Users can also download offers at no cost to them making this a better alternative than other group offer sites.

“Rediscover your Neighborhood is the best way to describe what Lokalie stands for” said Frankie Tollinche, CEO and founder of Lokalie. “We are all about helping the small business owners and underdogs, not taking 50% of their offers nor sales. Local businesses are struggling as it is and to charge them with fees up to 50% on top of that to “promote” their businesses is modern day robbery and pure greed!”

During its beta period, Lokalie’s premium plan will be available to every small local business owner at no cost to them.

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