School’s new Biomedical Science class proves popular with students

School's new Biomedical Science class proves spopular with students

Students in the Principles of Biomedical Science class investigate what appears to be a crime scene.

As part of Project Lead the Way’s STEM discipline, Riviera Schools’ Principles of Biomedical Science class at Riviera Prep has become the most popular course for fall 2015.

Before unveiling the school’s new, almost 11-acre, state-of-the-art campus in 2011, Riviera Schools worked diligently on curriculum development. Riviera Schools did so not only to meet but to exceed their goals in offering courses that would challenge and prepare students for post-secondary studies and to help them successfully compete in today’s ever-growing global economy.

In order to do so and to broaden the scope of the schools’ course offerings, Riviera Schools brought Project Lead the Way’s STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and math) on board.

For the new class, students in Riviera Prep School’s Principles of Biomedical Science class are working through many details of what appears to be a murder, but in fact the death was caused by diabetic ketoacidosis. This unconventional method of introducing students to the scientific method is not only practical, but it is interactive and captivating, facilitating a transcendent learning experience.

This year, the school also added the Project Lead the Way program to the middle school curriculum. As a result, the Principles of Biomedical course has become the top science offering. The middle school Gateway program allows students to engage in creative problem solving, relevant to real-world challenges.

Under the direction of Janet Mantecon, the Biomedical Principles course offers students the opportunity to explore sophisticated concepts of both biology and medicine. After this introductory course, students move to a sequence of three Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science courses, focusing on human body systems, medical interventions, and biomedical innovation.

The students’ experiences are enhanced by a close collaboration and mentorship with Baptist Health South Florida and the University of Miami’s School of Medicine. The advanced Riviera Biomedical students can even participate in actual rounds at Baptist Hospital, visit local veterinarian offices, and participate in lab work and seminars at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

With these and many more opportunities provided through the Biomedical program, students are able to start their pathway to a career in the medical field while still in high school.

“Our students are pushed to think past their initial instincts and analyze the details of the crime scene,” said Peter Cohen, associate director. “They’re taught to look beyond the obvious.”

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