As seen on Shark Tank Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt now is open in Kendall

Sub Zero Ice Cream KendallHave you ever searched for the “perfect” ice cream? Well, look no further. Sub Zero, which was featured on TV’s Shark Tank twice, has opened its first store in Kendall at SW 107th Avenue next to Publix.

Sub Zero creates “fresh” ice cream from scratch right in front of your eyes in a plume of nitrogen vapor and lights (the kids absolutely love the color light show) in about 15 seconds. There is no ice in the ice cream because it is made so fast. It’s the creamiest ice cream on the planet and perhaps the universe.

Have a diet problem with ice cream? No more, their bases include premium, custard, low fat, no fat yogurt, no sugar added, lactose free and vegan/vegetarian almond milk so ice cream for every one. They also have the freshest and best tasting smoothies and milk shakes anywhere.

And did we mention fresh homemade waffles. There are almost 40 flavors to chose from and about the same amount of mixins from fruits to nuts and candy. Unlike any other ice cream store, you choose every single item that goes into your creamy treat and they create it before your eyes with anything you want in it.

They have stores all over the country and the world and are expanding rapidly, and Will Stuart, the franchise owner and area developer for Sub Zero Florida,along with his partner Ray Klein always are seeking entrepreneurs who would like to become a franchisee.

Since “all” ice cream is made to order, it takes a little over two minutes to complete your order. But try to come early as the lines are sometimes long but well worth the wait. They also have a loyalty program so the more you spend, the more you get in free add-ons and ice cream based on your point total, which is logged into their computer so no plastic cards are necessary. Prices are very reasonable — from $3.95 to $5.95, plus any add ins you might want but the first two flavors are free.

They also make pies to go, sorbet, cakes and fresh brownies are coming soon.

Believe it or not, there are actually 239,000 combinations you can choose from, but there also is a special menu board with sensations (12 of them) which are customers favorites so you just have to pick the number and it’s made instantly for you.

There is nothing anywhere like Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt.

Once you try their product, you will not want to go anywhere else.

They are located at 9065 SW 107th Ave., between Publix and Chicken Kitchen and are open Sunday- Thursday, noon-10 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 11 p.m. Sub Zero has special catering where they come to you at schools, parties, weddings, social events, fairs and more.

They also have fundraising events for your school or church or any other venue so drive on by and find out why this delicious new concept is sweeping the nation and the world.

Call 786-534-7844 for any additional information.

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