Some miscellaneous thoughts on the recent election

Reconciling my bank account I saw again the contributions I made to several political campaigns. I am still wondering if my few dollars meant anything when put up against the multimillion-dollar funds created since the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision. I ask nothing in return for my few dollars — except better government.

I ask the same question of those that give millions of dollars to support a particular political interest. It seemed like Romney had Obama on the ropes after the first presidential debate.

It looked like Obama had little interest in retaining his job in the White House. Then the gloves came off and the contest went full throttle starting with the opening comments in debate two. My problem with the debates is the candidates never answer any of the public’s questions or those of the moderator. I wasn’t interested in who could out-bully the other.

I, like the rest of the viewers, wanted to know where the candidates stand. I liked the idea, jokingly suggested on one of the late night talk shows. Every time a candidate shifted from a direct answer a gong would sound and the candidate’s mike would be cut off with a flick of the moderator’s switch, and opportunity to comment turned over to the opponent. For sure, no candidate’s manager ever would agree to such a procedure, but it’s nice to dream.

I think it is time for a real third party to come into existence. I would take the fiscal ideas of the Republican Party and the social programs of the Democrat Party and roll them into one “middle of the road” political party. If you watched the party and independent breakdowns you would have seen that many states have as many unaffiliated as registered Republicans and Democrats.

A suggestion to the Republican Party: Stop representing only the super rich. Include those that want to be rich and those that are middle class. You will never win another presidential election as long as you appear to only represent those earning $500,000 a year or more. Also, Republicans, women are no longer surfs. Stop acting as if the men of the world control what a woman can do with her body. How would we men act if the shoe were on the other foot?

Democrats, stop taking the black vote for granted. Ninety percent, plus or minus, voted for Obama. Most voted for Obama because traditionally they have been Democrats — also because, if you haven’t noticed, the president is black. But that will not always be the case.

Also don’t take the woman’s vote for granted. Some day Republicans will learn their lesson, unless they want to stay a minority party, and treat women with the same respect they treat men.

Tallahassee, no thanks for cutting back the days registered voters got to vote “early.” It obviously was an attempt to throttle the Democrat vote. Didn’t work, did it? And, Gov. Scott, your attempt to run three liberal justices off the Supreme Court boomeranged.

Your callous attitude toward the residents of Florida might give you an idea as to why no self-respecting Republican candidate, including Romney (who is a gentlemen) wanted you at his or her side while campaigning in the state.

Miami-Dade, what a sad situation trying to vote. The Saturday before the election I got into line at the Coral Gables library at a little after 9 a.m. I walked into the library at 3 p.m. and cast my vote. The nice part of the wait was I met a very interesting and knowledgeable college professor from Miami-Dade and an equally interesting Realtor who told us about her marketing Miami real estate to South Americans.

Without my new friends the wait would have been enough to discourage ever voting again. I felt sorry for the elderly who fought the gauntlet of men and women shout in their faces “Get Rid of Obama” and those asking if I liked dogs and cats and to remember to vote for their charter amendment.

A number of people wrote and emailed thanking me for writing two columns on the proposed state Constitutional Amendments and local referenda. Some thanked me for my recommendations, while others gave me hell for taking a position they didn’t like. But, without different opinions we wouldn’t have a race, and life would be very boring. See you at the next election.

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Kenneth Bluh
Kenneth has been writing a column for Community Newspapers since 1989 when he first wrote about the incorporation movement in UMSA (Unincorporated Municipal Services Area). His columns cover the political scene in Miami-Dade and Tallahassee. Educated at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, Kenneth has been a member of the banking/mortgage lending profession in Florida since 1962. Contact him at or 786-247-0547 where he manages American Bancshares Mortgage LLC’s Reverse Mortgage Department.

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