South Florida School Leader In College And Career Readiness

Revolutionary Vision Has Elevated ST. BRENDAN HIGH SCHOOL to the Forefront of Cutting-Edge Academics

This is a very exciting time in the school’s history. St. Brendan High School is at the forefront of the cutting-edge instructional and technological evolution in the field of education. The school is revolutionizing the way its teachers instruct and the manner in which the students learn. Beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year, St. Brendan High School will be the only private high school in South Florida to offer its students a fully comprehensive Academies Program.

Academies are essentially schools within the school. They work very much like college majors, with students enrolling in one of seven schools that focus on specific areas. Each has a specialized curriculum, electives, clubs, field trips, invitational competition, as well as its own research/internship partnerships with local universities, companies, hospitals, and other institutions.St. Brendan High School will offer: Alpha Academy for gifted students, Champagnat Academy for students with specific learning disabilities and/or ADD, Medical and Biological Sciences Academy, EngineeringAcademy, Law and Global Business Academy, Fine Arts Academy, and Liberal Arts Academy. The University of Miami, Florida International University, St. Thomas University, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, and the Miami Heat, are among the many fine institutions that have already committed to partner with St. Brendan High School to build the curriculum that will make the school a leader in college and career readiness.

St. Brendan High School prides itself in the fact that 100% of its graduates continue their academic journey into higher education. By offering its students an Academies Program, the school is ensuring that its students will be accepted into the top universities in the nation and receive scholarships and grants in order to assist them during these hard economic times. Any high school will get its students into college; St. Brendan High School is pioneering the Academies Program in order to guarantee that each student will be accepted into the best universities and receive the most scholarship assistance.

St. Brendan High School also provides its students with a comprehensive and challenging academic environment with access to the latest educational resources and the most technological tools available. During the 2012-2013 academic year, the school implemented a one to one iPad program in which each student has his or her own iPad. The iPads enable students to have digital “text” books and note taking applications, which ensure organizational skills and ease of access to resources. Teachers use their iPads as a roaming “whiteboard” and are able to display their lessons and engage students’ interest with the use of in-classroom Apple TV’s. St. Brendan is also outfitted with 60” High Definition TV’s throughout the campus, which serve as bulletin boards for activities and announcements. There are no bulletin boards or flyers within the school, eliminating the need for paper. This allows the school to be totally “green” and continue its commitment as an environmentally conscious institution in the community.

At St. Brendan, the focus of the athletics program is on personal growth and fostering opportunities for college scholarships. The school firmly believes that all athletic endeavors are an extension of its academic programs. Sports practice is life practice. The coaches hired by St. Brendan High School understand that the fields and courts are an extension of the classroom. Students learn valuable life lessons through practice and competition, including sacrifice, trust, obedience, and growth. By encouraging its athletes to become well rounded, St. Brendan High School ensures that they are actively sought out by the top universities in the nation. This academic year, Virginia Tech, Manhattan College, and New York Tech are among the many universities that offered full scholarships to St. Brendan athletes.

St. Brendan High School has achieved this by creating a physical and spiritual union with its faculty, staff, students, families, alumni, and the local community. The school’s administration, faculty, and staff are interested in not only what the students learn, but also in the individuals they will become. The holistic development of the students – intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual – is the main focus. Thus, every student has the opportunity to thrive and grow. For this reason, St. Brendan is a school where students can be free to become the person they are called to be.

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