Strawberries are at their peak! Get them while they last this Sunday at the Kendall Village Farmers’ Market!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.27.39 AMFlorida’s strawberry season lasts from December to April. So now is the perfect time to get your fresh from Florida strawberries while they are still in peak season at Kendall Village Farmers’ Market at Kendall Village Center.

Why is it important to eat seasonally? Products are fresher, tastier and the nutritional value is optimized. Eating seasonally is often more economical and harmonizes nature’s production cycles.

Our market offers a variety of seasonal produce at some of the best prices in town. Pick up all your locally grown and organic seasonal fruits and vegetables while enjoying lunch outdoors, live music and the beautiful South Florida weather every Sunday at the farmer’s market. Check out the below produce specials for this weekend at Enrique’s Produce Stand:

Pineapples (Large):  $4.00/each (Peeled and Chopped for Free)
Oranges and Tangerines:  4/$1.00
Grapefruits:  3/$1.00
Limes:  5/$1.00
Bananas:  50 cents/lb.
Red Apples:  3/$1.00
Pears:  3/$1.00
Papaya:  $1.00/lb.
Avocados: $2.50/each
Strawberries:  $3.00/each
Blueberries: 2/$5.00
Blackberries: 2/$5.00
Dates: $8.00/lb.
Mangoes:  $1.50/each
Tomatoes:  $1.00/lb.
Plum Tomatoes: $1.00/lb.
Cucumbers:  2/$1.00
Eggplant:  $1.00/lb.
Red Potatoes:  50 cents/lb.
Sweet Potatoes:  $1.00/lb.
Sweet Onions:  $1.00/lb.
Butternut Squash:  $1.00/lb.
Yellow Squash:  $1.50/lb.
Calabaza:  $1.00/lb.
Green and Yellow Plantains:  3/$1.00
Red Peppers:  $1.00/each
Green Peppers:  75 cents/each
Zucchini: $1.50/lb.
Kale: $2.00/bunch
Broccoli: $2.50/each
Mamey: $2.00/lb.
Farm Raised Double Yolk Eggs: $6.00/dozen

Kendall Village Farmers’ Market is conveniently located at one of the area’s premier open-air shopping destinations – home to the Farmers’ Market, Old Navy, Gap, Pier 1 Imports, Lane Bryant, Famous Footwear, Ann Taylor, Justice, Chuck E. Cheese’s and more!

Located at 8705 SW 124th Avenue (west of the FL-Turnpike off 88th Street and north on 124th Avenue). The market is open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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  1. They need to be organically grown. Conventional strawberries are heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides.

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