SW 104th Street projects add to WK commuter woes

SW 104th Street projects add to WK commuter woes

Orange barrels mark SW 104th Street detour.

West Kendall motorists driving on SW 104th Street are dealing with longer-thanusual delays.

An ongoing drainage project blocking two lanes detours eastbound traffic onto one of two westbound lanes just east of The Hammocks for approximately a mile distance from 147th Avenue to 137th Avenue.

The result is single-lane east and westbound traffic on one of West Kendall’s busiest commuter routes until the project’s anticipated completion during August.

The drainage project, at a cost of $506,218, is designed to answer “documented flooding complaints” within a halfmile area east of 147th Avenue, according to Gayle Love, spokesperson for the Public Works and Waste Management Division.

Quality Paving Corporation, contractor, has stored its earth-moving bulldozers on the southern swale areas of 104th Street, as well as new drainage piping, forcing closure of both southern lanes in the area.

Besides installation of new French drainage structures, the project includes miscellaneous structural improvements, grading, sodding, roadway restorations, concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

“The work is being performed in phases to minimize the impact from construction activities to local residents, schools, businesses and motoring public in the area,” Love said. “The area will be restored to its original condition upon completion.

“Restoration activities will address any areas impacted by the project, such as grassy areas, sidewalks and other items affected by construction,” she noted.

Known as Killian Parkway west of the Don Shula Expressway (SR 874), SW 104th Street carries daily traffic loads between West Kendall and South Miami destinations, including students to Miami- Dade College’s Kendall campus.

Another project costing $956,313 is underway on SW 104th Street from 117th Avenue to 127th Avenue to improve roadway surfaces, including valve box and manhole adjustments, construction of ADA ramps and connectors, milling and resurfacing.

Due to the nature of the work, detours on local roads will occur only as necessary and will only impact traffic for short periods of time, Love noted.

In two other West Kendall areas:
Construction for a roadway resurfacing began July 6 along SW 137th Avenue from 128th Street to 136th Street, planned for completion in October.

Roadway resurfacing continued to affect the area along SW 162nd Avenue from 56th Street to 72nd Street until a scheduled July completion.

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