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YFQQY_w120h160I want to have my eyes done. I am only interested in having my upper eyelids done. My friend, who is a plastic surgery guru, tells me I should do both my upper and lower lids. She says that very few plastic surgeons only do one. What are your thoughts?

A plastic surgery guru, your friend is not! Every group of friends has a selfappointed plastic surgery maven (PSM) who “knows” everything and knows only the “best” surgeons! People who know a PSM often stay away from plastic surgeons because of the way a PSM looks. Of course, you can have surgery on your upper eyelid only.

Plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments are based on individual needs. When you have plastic surgery on your upper and lower eyelids, it involves four separate surgeries. Most people who have surgery on their eyes have some asymmetry, so the surgeon must adjust in order to get the eyes to look even. That is the art in performing eye surgery well.

Cosmetic eye surgery should be done by a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or an oculoplastic surgeon. The procedure is most commonly performed with sedation anesthesia and local anesthesia. The actual procedure may take one to two hours. The procedure is essentially pain free. It’s true, and I have a patient survey to prove this!

Recovery after cosmetic eye surgery is usually one week, at which point the stitches are removed. Make-up may be worn eight days following surgery and all normal activity may be resumed in four weeks. Blepharoplasty (eye surgery) is an equal opportunity surgery, which means both men and women can experience a significant improvement and great results.

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