Three lost burglary suspects arrested by vigilant officer

Three lost burglary suspects searching for a favorite restaurant wound up with multiple charges and an uncommitted crime, leading to honors for a Miami Dade Police Kendall District officer’s vigilance.

Officer Christopher Casiano was awarded the Kendall District’s Officer of the Month citation for his alert performance on Sept. 12 while on cruiser patrol in southwest Miami-Dade.

A “suspicious vehicle” call had been relayed by dispatch to Casiano who was on patrol in the immediate area. A Kendall Breeze homeowner spotted three black males wearing gloves, circling the neighborhood in a green Honda SUV.

Arriving in time to order a traffic stop on the vehicle on SW 120th Street just east of 122nd Avenue, Officer Casiano ordered the three occupants out of the SUV for interviews.

All three protested they had “become lost” while traveling from Homestead to the Sweet Tomatoes restaurant in Kendall, adding they didn’t know its location.

A check of the vehicle’s interior turned up several pairs of gloves and spark plug items commonly used in break-ins, leading to a records check that revealed all three subjects with past histories of burglaries. Two of the suspects are on probation and the car’s driver was operating with a suspended license.

harges were lodged against all three for loitering and prowling as well as probation violations and one was additionally charged with obstruction by disguise for giving Officer Casiano a false name.

“Your efforts resulted in the apprehension and arrest of three subjects who were undoubtedly preparing to commit a burglary,” said Maj. Delma Noel-Pratt in the citation honoring Casiano.

Commended for his alertness and procedure, Casiano received his special citation at the Kendall District Citizens Advisory Committee meeting from CAC chair Barry White and Maj. Noel Pratt.

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  1. South Florida Cop | January 8, 2013 at 12:45 pm | Reply

    Good job Officer Casiano. To often police officers are only brought into the lime light when there is something negative to say about them. Keep up your good work and stay safe out there brother.

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