Who’s on First?’ I don’t know… but I tried to find out

Some newsroom projects never see the light of day.

That was the fate of our ambitious Abbot & Costello assignment to determine how many folks (and who) might be affected in County Commission voting Nov. 6, due to the ten-year legislated boundary changes for newly-documented population figures and subsequent equalization of 13 county districts “by the new numbers.”

A southward move of Miami-Dade’s population growth over the past 10 years figuratively reduced the county’s northern population counts by re-distributing them in south Dade, both growth and in-county migrations reducing north Districts boundaries while increasing faster southern growth areas to meet a figure of approximately 157,000 per District.

So how would that affect Kendall voters? We decided to check it out until running into several roadblocks, including how to determine specific geographic areas by comparing 2000 and 2010 District boundary maps.

The idea was then to correlate five Kendall District precinct changes with census tract population counts to see who got moved where, i.e., or: “Who’s on first?”

“Sounds like a good math project for someone,” chuckled Miles Moss who has often re-directed our wayward inclinations that seemed destined for the bottom of a mathematical pit. The former KFHA president adds: “By the way, once you have all those shifted figures, what good are they as public knowledge? Isn’t the important thing to let voters know in advance they need to check their registration cards so they get to the right voting place?”

Nothing like having the wisdom of a good friend to count on when the brain gets overworked these days! So, check your registration cards or call your County Commissioner’s office, if still unsure.

We’re busy now finding out ‘What’s’ on Second!!

As we go to press, travel agent Doug Kostowski, overseer of long-criticized traffic movements causing fender-benders at the rebuilt Shula/Killian Drive intersection, reports a non working left turn arrow for westbound traffic on Killian, looking to turn south on the Shula. Lengthy emails with inspecting engineers ensues with a claim that a constant “green ball” serves the purpose, leaving Doug wondering how many eastbound drivers will give the right-of-way when their red light changes to green. We’ll be monitoring results, as we’re sure Doug will, too!

Those objecting to an application by David Brown family members (d/b/a Kendall Investors 172, LLC) to convert a 42-acre West Kendall tract from commercial to residential use have their last chance to protest Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 9:30 a.m.

The first legal ad for the Oct. 2 public hearing in the Commission Chambers at the downtown Clark Center carried the wrong time of 9:30 p.m. when published on Sept. 21. A new half-page ad that ran Sept. 22 corrected the notice to the right 9:30 a.m. time on Oct 2. Folks at the Dept. of Planning/Zoning confirm the re-dating legally conforms to a 10-day notice period to the public. County Commissioners are scheduled to take action following the hearing on a land use change that would that could allow up to 546 homes on the tract.

Commissioners reversed a previous stand last May to uphold the Urban Development Boundary by permitting a CDMP (Comprehensive Development Master Plan) re-application to go through, despite heated objections of Commissioner Dennis Moss.

The Browns who have developed several West Kendall commercial properties off Kendall Drive have remained silent about housing plans for the triangular property that lies off the south side of Kendall Drive at a platted SW 170 Ave., just inside the UDB.

Warnings the Nov. 6 ballot will not only be long but confusing led us to check with the League of Women Voters of Florida which has an excellent preliminary view of how to understand national and statewide contests. Just visit <www.TheFloridaVoter.org> on your computer if you want a comprehensive overview plus details about multiple state constitutional amendments, thankfully reviewed in layman’s language!

Cooking Hispanic-style served up by UnitedHealthcare at three locations in West Kendall last week to teach how Latin meals can be made healthier, according to the organization’s wellness chief, Eric Stein, a registered dietician. Seminars took place at the Coral Way Senior Center, Westwind Lakes Park Senior Center and West Miami Community Center along with tantalizing demonstrations narrated in Spanish.

“Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” 5K walk takes place on Saturday, October 13 at Tropical Park with registration opening at 7:30 a.m. This year’s 5K walk features entertainment, food and fun including DJ Supersede, the official Miami Dolphins DJ; a workout warm up and cool down by Curves; a Zumba class; local high school bands; and several of our town’s popular food trucks.

Thought of the Day: The man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.

— Charles Schwab

Richard Yager contributed to this column.

Got any tips? Contact me at 305-669- 7355, ext. 249, or send emails to michael@communitynewspapers.com

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