Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Local Real Estate Industry Leaders

Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Local Real Estate Industry LeadersNominations for the 13 Better Beach Awards Close February 28

The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) will host its 2nd Annual City National Bank Better Beach Awards on Thursday, March 27, honoring influential, trendsetting leaders in the local real estate industry. Open until February 28, the nominations for the Better Beach Awards are open to realtors, architects, developers, designers, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs, honoring them for the contributions that they have had to the community.

“The Real Estate industry is essential to the Miami Beach economy and it’s exciting to honor individuals and firms dedicated to innovation and the growth of our community,” said Chamber Chairman and SVP of Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust Michael S. Goldberg. “From design to architecture and sustainability, the Chamber and City National Bank are committed to recognizing the accomplishments of outstanding business professionals who continue to strengthen our community.”

“I’m honored to have received the first historic preservation award named after my very good friend the late Tony Goldman,” said Saul Gross last year’s winner of the Historic Residential Preservation award. “Tony felt it was so important to preserve the character and individuality of Miami Beach and I applaud the Chamber for recognizing individuals and firms who make preservation their priority. Hopefully Tony’s legacy will inspire others to get involved and protect the unique character of our City.”

The event is hosted by the Chamber’s Real Estate Council, which acts as a resource to members of the Chamber who serve the local Real Estate community. The council supports its members by sharing expertise, offering guidance and knowledge, exploring new educational opportunities and facilitating communication within the industry and community. The Real Estate Council has organized highlyacclaimed events in the past year, including the ‘Expert Advice’ series and the ‘Anchored in Concrete’ event.


Nominees should demonstrate that a residence, building, community or system was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics following the latest “green” standards towards sustainability, i.e. energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. LEED certification, use of renewable materials, new systems of efficiency and any other practice that demonstrates a powerful sustainable determination will be strongly considered. The nominee can be the architect, owner, designer or other affiliate with the project.
Sustainable Residential Property
Sustainable Commercial Property


Nominees should demonstrate what steps were taken to preserve, conserve and protect property, objects, landscapes or other artifacts of historical significance to their project, while maintaining the same use. The nominee can be the architect or designer. Owner, Developer or other affiliates of the project will be credited.
Preservation of a Historic Residential Property (Single Family / Condo)
Preservation of a Historic Commercial Property
Preservation of a Historic Hotel


Nominees should demonstrate commitment to keeping the distinctive style of Miami Beach Architecture and design while bringing a historical Miami Beach building site to the modern world. By means of adaptive re-use of original building use, the project was able to maintain the identity of a Historic site and respect proper adaptive re-use strategies and meet approval of Historic Preservation Board and obtain Certificate of Operation for the new adaptive use. This can be the architect or designer. Owner, Developer or other affiliates of the project will be credited.
Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse of a Commercial Property
Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse of a Hotel or Apartment


Nominees should demonstrate the unique and unusual twist to the design. The property should show innovative architectural solutions, while creating striking and functional spaces. The building shall be an outstanding example of functionality, innovation and design in the field of Architecture and take advantage of site and context. The nominee can be the architect or designer. Owner, developer and other affiliates of the project will be credited.


Nominee should demonstrate exceptional creativity towards a completed project in Miami Beach. The Design should be an exemplar vision of innovation and forward-thinking unique to Miami Beach’s Identity. Nominee shall be Designer(s) in any field. Owner, Developer or other affiliates of the project will be credited.


Nominees should demonstrate outstanding accomplishment in terms of giving back to our community, city, and those around them. It can be an individual or group that has devoted time, resources and effort, not only to their Real Estate related business but has endeavored and succeeded to make the community a better place.

Real Estate Broker or Licensed Professional
Citizen at Large


Nominees have proven to successfully break down barriers to how we think of marketing in the Real Estate field. They have taken a new approach to marketing and are leading the field by example. The more “out of the box” the better. They should have a tangible metric for showing the voting committee that their marketing approach is not only innovative, but it works.
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Agent

To submit a nomination, please visit: inate.php.

The Better Beach Awards are being held at the Loew’s Miami Beach (1601 Collins Avenue.) on March 27, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 pm. For more information, visit or call 305-674-1300.


The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1921 to promote the economic well-being of Miami Beach’s citizens, to improve the quality of life for the entire community, and to communicate the view of the business community on major issues of public policy.

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