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I understand that on Miami Beach buses, taxis, and other forms of transportation take approximately 350 people a week to local area casinos. This means there are 350 individuals a week, 1,400 a month, 17,000 a year that will sit on a bus for anywhere from fifteen minutes to seventy-five minutes to try their luck at the slot machines or blackjack tables available to them in Dade and Broward counties. After a few hours these same individuals board the bus and take the fifteen to seventy-five minute ride back to the beach.

Generally the whole excursion runs from three to five hours, and generally includes a meal. I would bet, if that was allowed on the beach, that the local area restaurants would love to have served those 17,000 meals that left the beach. I think they sell lottery tickets, the number one source of “gaming” in Florida, on Miami Beach and I think there are a few folks partaking in those habit forming rituals of smoking and drinking.

Yet for some reason the evils of “casino” gambling have been elevated to a higher status preclusion on Miami Beach, and I thought I lived in a society that allowed freedom of choice within the bounds of the law.

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  1. Sounds like your pushing for the foriegn company that lost the Miami Herald property casino deal.In bed with the devil.How much are they paying you?