Barre Motion Fitness Studio

Barre Motion Fitness Studio

Barre Motion Fitness Studio Official Ribbon Cutting

Looking for a firmer, lifted backside?

Elongated, toned thighs?

A stronger core?

Then head to the barre. Barre Motion, that is. Barre Motion is a new fitness studio that will offer daily barre-based classes designed to transform the male and female physique from the inside out. Inspired by the artistic athleticism of ballet, punctuated by the mindfulness of yoga and Pilates, Barre Motion yields results beginning in as little as one week.

Don’t let the ballet barre fool you, though. This is not about tutus. Barre Motion applies sound scientific principles that precisely target individual muscle groups. Through concise sequences of low-impact, isometric movements originating deep in the muscles, Barre Motion pushes each group safely past its normal exertion point. The powerful movements maximize caloric burn and fatigue muscles until they shake, which is the sign they are being properly reshaped and sculpted.

Barre Motion also emphasizes posture and placement more than other barre-based fitness programs. Proper stance and correct form help yield the greatest benefits and keep students safe in and out of the studio. All Barre Motion instructors are trained to modify sequences making each movement achievable and effective regardless of skill, age, or gender. The result of practicing Barre Motion is a longer, stronger, tighter body with greater flexibility and grace in a very short period of time, as well as a clearer, more mindful existence. This makes Barre Motion an ideal workout for beginners as well as seasoned runners, Cross-fitters, yogis, swimmers, martial artists and athletes of all kinds.

“I believe the only way to maximize health and wellness is to leverage the synergies of the mind, body, and spirit – and to back that up with real, tangible science,” said Julie Jacko, creator of Barre Motion.

Jacko is a world-renowned author, speaker and award winner for her scientific achievements. She holds a Master of Science degree and a Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering, and now brings her expertise in human physiology, kinesthesiology, and physical therapy to the barre. “Barre Motion is the culmination of decades of studying what drives human performance combined with my deep personal desire to create a beautiful and compelling destination where people can experience a challenging, fun, proven workout that will literally and quickly reshape their bodies.”
Barre Motion’s contemporary custom- designed studio at 1560 Lenox Avenue is made for Miami. From the polished marble floors and floor-toceiling windows to the thick custom mats and open, airy courtyard that floods Barre Motion with natural light, the space is the ultimate fitness destination for those who want to work hard and feel motivated, but also relax or even sneak in a little work (there is complimentary wi-fi) before or after class.

The studio features barres mounted at two levels to accommodate differing heights and skill sets, with most portions of the barre mirrored for those who wish to closely monitor their own posture and movement. Barre Motion has changing rooms with lockers and a shower equipped with luxury soaps and body products as well as retail space offering a hand-picked selection of clothing and accessories that augment a fit lifestyle.

Classes are offered seven days a week and cost $30 per class. Packages and memberships are also available. For more information and the complete class schedule, visit Barre Motion online at or connect with Barre Motion on Facebook (@barremotionllc), Twitter (@barremotion) and Instagram (@barremotion). For information, images, or to schedule an interview with Barre Motion founder Julie Jacko, contact Robin Diamond at Fred Marketing at or 305-903-5444.

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