BeachWitch Way — Welcome to BeachWitch Way

BeachWitch Way — Welcome to BeachWitch WayYour destination for all things ‘Green’ in Miami! BeachWitch ‘flies’ around the beach and surfs the web to find the best EcoFriendly Services, Sustainable Products, and Environmental News to share with you. This time, BeachWitch found some ‘Green Magic’: in a pistachio cookie, a blindfolded dinner, a storyteller, and a car named Zip!

“Simply Sharon’s” suddenly stunned South Beach as she shamelessly subverted standard sweets by shockingly surprising us with a scandalous selection of sustainable snacks! Her scrumptious cookies selections are all: handmade with organic, vegan & gluten-free ingredients, zero preservatives, and total satisfaction! Simply Sharon’s is creating even more ‘green’ magic by wrapping these treats in biodegradable compostable packing! We got the chance to sample the pistachio cookies, savor the simple ingredients, and can certainly say they are simply delicious! Enjoy the magic at for more information and spread the word.

“Lights Out” is a remarkable dinner celebrating the challenges facing people whom are blind or visually impaired. Presented every year through Stand Amongst Friends- a nonprofit dedicated to placing people with unique challenges and remark able skills sets into our workforce dispelling antiquated notions of disability.

Each guest is blindfolded and tries to navigate the entire dinner without sight. The result is an exceptionally wonderful and insightful evening that provides a brief glimpse into the absence of sight among a large segment of our community. Come share in the magic over a fabulous meal in a fine restaurant with a fantastic crowd! Visit standamongfriends. org/lightsout for more information or call 888-499-4090 for tickets. Anyone who has ever heard one of Herb Hiller’s stories about the development of Miami and its effect upon the ecosystem and cultural environment knows how important eyewitness accounts and recorded observations are in exploring our history.

This year on October 23-25 Miami Beach with host the 2nd Annual “Sustainable Authentic Florida Conference” and will explore this very idea. When we begin to share our stories, we start to understand the significance and magic of our collective narratives. By telling our stories, we can better align our community aspirations with those whom live, work and visit Miami…and in turn shape a better future for us all. Checkout SustainableAuthenticFlorida.Com to join the discussion!

Fasten your seatbelts for this innovative transportation option now available in South Florida — ZipCar. This unique auto company has long zapped our attention and is not only transforming the car rental scene but is also reinventing ride sharing like never before all the while helping to reduce the number of personally owned vehicles. In fact, each and every ZipCar takes 15 personally-owned vehicles off the road. Car sharing is not just about fewer cars, less congestion and less pollution – it is about understanding why those things are problematic, and finding sustainable solutions. Visit ZipCar.Com to examine some of these new solutions.

We hope you enjoyed traveling with us down BeachWitch Way today and wish you a happy and sustainable future filled with magic. Regards, Billie the BeachWitch

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