Who becomes relevant Who will inherit Miami’s fandom?

King James and his court have taken their talents to the home of rock and roll, Cleveland, Ohio.

Who will inherit Miami’s fandom? We are a strange city comprised of a universal melting pot of the world’s inhabitants.

We are diverse and multilingual and we love a winner.We will jump on the bandwagon of a front runner and ride like the wind until the winner is no longer and then we hop off and look for the next barreling freight train to come down the line.

Who will we pledge our affection to now?

The Dolphins looked mired in mediocrity and the Marlins have hope but they also have Jeffrey Luria. The Panthers belong to Broward.

Pat Riley wasted no time in putting a respectable roster together for the 2014/15 season as he had to.

Many of us paid lots of money for those season tickets, and we expect a contending team. The Heat will not disappoint as they are a very well-run organization. Still the traveling 3-ring circus with LeBron as ringmaster has left town and there is a void to fill.

The stage is set for David Beckham and with World Cup fever still lingering he might have hope. His window is small so he better move fast and with private funding as the public grows more leery by the day. Someone needs to step as the next winning train leaving the Miami station will be very crowded.

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